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Soy Sauce Chronicles: An In-Depth Look At Asia’s Favourite Condiment

6 Mins Read On a Twitter thread (where all intellectual conversations begin, naturellement) where fellow food writer Clarissa Wei lamented the fact that so little has been written in English about East Asian soybean-based sauces, I chimed in with a thought about the lack of talk about variation in soy sauce fermentation methods and their resulting flavours and usages. […]

How to Find The Best Sunscreens: Reef Safe, Non-Toxic, and Effective

3 Mins Read What factors should you consider when choosing the best natural sunscreen? We all have different priorities, but below are a few options that include what should be priorities for everyone: reef safe, non-toxic, and effective sunscreens. Before we jump into the products, why should you care about mineral sunscreen, and why are they preferable over […]

Clean Beauty Monthly: Where To Find The Best Natural K-Beauty Brands

5 Mins Read Korea is arguably the beauty capital of Asia. For years now, K-Beauty brands have been pumping out innovative, fun and affordable products. They are famous for setting global beauty trends: the sleeping mask, the compact cushion and the sheet mask all originated in Korea. Their speed of new product output has not been matched anywhere […]

Healing Energies: What Is Craniosacral Therapy (CST)?

3 Mins Read Following last month’s piece about Reiki, our resident alternative therapy columnist Corie Chu continues her energy healing modality series with an in-depth look into Craniosacral Therapy, which is especially helpful for those who have had severe bodily injuries.  You may have heard of craniosacral therapy if you’ve had to see a physiotherapist to help with […]

Healing Energies: What Is Reiki & How Can It Help You?

2 Mins Read As part of my Healing Energies column, I will be spotlighting various types of energy healing modalities and exploring them in more depth. Up first is Reiki, arguably the most popular form of energy healing, which has been around for almost a century though it has yet to find worldwide acceptance as a standard healing […]

Powered By Plants: 5 Things You Need To Know About 24-Hour Prolonged Fasting

4 Mins Read In his third Green Queen column, plant-based fitness & nutrition expert Paul Sandburg takes one of the wellness world’s new obsessions: prolonged fasting. Find out everything you need to know to get started. No, this isn’t another article about intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is so 2015. If you aren’t already doing at least a 12 […]

Sustainability Matters: What Does The Word Sustainability Even Mean?

4 Mins Read Our new columnist Rebecca Walker Chan, founder of SouthPaw Sustainability Consulting is one of Hong Kong’s foremost sustainability experts, advising some of the city’s biggest MNCs, as well as startups and SMEs, on ESG reporting and how to implement sustainability strategically within their organisation. In her monthly Green Queen column, she will dive deep into […]

I Quit Waste: The Carbon Footprint Of Plastic – Shame On Us

4 Mins Read Waste activist and Green Queen columnist Smita J gets down and dirty with some plastic-free maths. Her conclusion? When it comes to personal care, we’re drowning in plastic emissions and we’re underestimating how much impact our personal choices have. Disposable plastic has been finally linked to climate crisis through a study in a massive report […]

I Quit Waste: Privileged Veganism & The Fetishization of Native Foods

4 Mins Read Banana Blossom Fish & Chips? No thank you, says Columnist Smita J. Editor’s Update: This piece has ignited much discussion, which we are thrilled about. In one such discussion, a friendly soul pointed out to that it could be read as an attack on veganism, which we are not thrilled about. At Green Queen, we […]

Powered By Plants: 6 Reasons Why Strength Training Is For Everyone

3 Mins Read Not sure about strength training? I’ve spent the past 20 years in the fitness & wellness industry. I’ve heard every excuse/justification in the book. None of them have ever made me waver in my deep-seated belief that strength training is for EVERYONE. No matter what age, no matter what condition, no matter what, period. But […]