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Organic Textile Production Booms As Consumers Demand Sustainable Fashion

3 Mins Read The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), the international certification for organic textiles, saw the highest growth in certified operations last year. The news comes as the wider textile industry experiences major shifts towards more sustainable and organic manufacturing processes, driven primarily by changing consumer tastes for more eco-friendly products. Fashion labels, from fast fashion to […]

‘Just A Phone Call’: Danish Chef Hits Out At Michelin’s Sustainability Icon For Greenwashing

3 Mins Read Michelin’s latest green campaign to introduce a new emblem for sustainable gastronomy has come under criticism for greenwashing. After digging into the Guide’s criteria for approving which restaurants could receive the green clover shaped seal of approval, Chef Christian F. Puglisi of Copenhagen restaurant Relae expressed his disappointment in a strongly worded post, stating “there […]

Global Organic Food Market Now Worth Over US$100 Billion As Demand For Safe Food Skyrockets

3 Mins Read According to new data contained in The World of Organic Agriculture 2020, published by Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM Organics International, organic agriculture farmland and organic food retail sales has reached another all-time high. The continued uptrend for the organics industry owes to consumer awareness coupling food choices to health and environmental […]

What Brexit Means For Organic Food & Sustainable Agriculture

5 Mins Read After three tumultuous years in British politics, Britain has officially passed the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and ended nearly half a century of close ties with Europe on the January 31 2020. This begins the implementation phase of leaving the European Union, which will last until December 31 2020 this year when the process of leaving […]

Thailand To Ban Three Toxic Pesticides, US Tries To Pressure Against It

3 Mins Read Following the Thai government’s decision to ban a series of toxic farming chemicals, the Trump administration is pressuring Thailand to exempt three harmful pesticides that have been scientifically linked to serious health problems and diseases among children and vulnerable populations. Under the new law in Thailand, as of 1st December, a ban will take effect […]

Indian Cotton Farmers Defy Monsanto With Native Seeds

3 Mins Read Agrochemical multinational corporation Monsanto is responsible for huge socioeconomic damage within the Indian farming community ever since they launched illegal operations of field trials decades ago to make inroads into the market. After years of pressuring farmers to adopt a strain of Bt Cotton – which unleashed devastating consequences – these farmers, backed by the […]

Hong Kong’s Conscious Retailers Win Big At Inside Retail Top 50 Awards

3 Mins Read For the third year, Inside Retail Hong Kong has chosen the top 50 people leading retail innovation in the city and this year, there was a marked jump in the number of conscious companies chosen by Inside Retail’s panel of judges, with a host of sustainability-driven and plant-based pioneers making up almost half of the […]

Goodbye JustGreen: Pioneer Of Hong Kong’s Healthy & Organic Retail Industry Shuts Down All Stores

4 Mins Read In a surprise announcement, JustGreen, Hong Kong’s first health & wellness retail chain celebrating healthy lifestyles, organic produce and wellbeing products, has closed down all stores effective immediately. Since opening their first shop in 2008, JustGreen has served as a pioneering force in promoting wellness lifestyles with their one-stop shop concept, contributing to the growth […]

I Quit Waste: Inequity, Injustice & Broken Systems -Why We Need To Reclaim Our Food Autonomy

4 Mins Read In her fourth column for Green Queen, environmental activist Smita J asks some tough questions about our global food systems and their reliance on Big Food’s over-processed, industrially farmed commodities, shares her learnings from a recent visit to a sustainable farming community in Indonesia and insists we can do better and create equitable, nourishing, useful […]

Urban Eco-Wellness Retreat elu. Spa Opens In Central Hong Kong

3 Mins Read A new urban eco-spa, elu. Spa, has recently opened its doors in the heart of Hong Kong’s Soho district in Central. The boutique spa will serve city residents who are in need of a dose of restoration, rejuvenation and escape from the concrete jungle. We had the opportunity to experience elu first hand and spoiler […]

Hong Kong & China Feminine Care Startup LUÜNA Launches Organic Sanitary Product Subscription, Menstrual Cup

3 Mins Read Hong Kong & Shanghai-based menstrual care brand LUÜNA announced the launch of their organic cotton sanitary products subscription services and menstrual cup this month. The female-led company aims to empower women in Hong Kong with accessible, natural, toxin-free and sustainable period products suited to each individual’s personal needs. This is a step up for Asia, […]

Our Top Eco Picks At Sephora Hong Kong: Best Organic Natural Beauty Brands

4 Mins Read Beauty mavens have been waiting for Sephora’s new ifc store opening with bated breath, and it’s finally open! We checked out the cosmetic giant’s new flagship to suss out what brands made the Green Queen cut. Containing no toxic ingredients and synthetic materials and with sustainability in mind (particularly when it comes to packaging and […]

INTERVIEW: Zero Waste Pioneer & Coconut Matter Founder On Following Your Heart & Why The Whole System Needs To Be Redesigned

5 Mins Read We sat down with Diane van Zwanenberg, founder of plastic-free natural and vegan beauty brand Coconut Matter who is making strides in promoting low-waste living in Asia and beyond. Diane has led the alternative beauty and cosmetics industry in Asia since she first introduced her pioneering plastic-free packaging brand, and has since encouraged many to […]

Hong Kong’s Best Organic Produce Delivery Boxes

5 Mins Read A common complaint we hear all the time about Hong Kong is the lack of places to get premium quality, fresh organic produce delivery. While we might not have a large organic market available in town yet, the city is home to many fresh produce delivery companies offering organic fruits and vegetables from all over […]

10 Things To Know Before You Eat Out Of That “Compostable” Takeaway Bowl

6 Mins Read You’ve surely seen the rise in fibre bowls. Light in weight, brown in colour, and clearly marked as compostable, biodegradable, plant-based – these have sprouted all over town in cafés and restaurants, replacing styrofoam or wax-lined paper cups in a bid to “go green”. They’ve become the food industry’s widely adopted measure, representing some kind […]

BPA-Free Plastic Products Aren’t Actually Any Safer

2 Mins Read “BPA-Free” is now a label you see plastered on many plastic containers on store shelves. Ever since information about the potentially toxic effects of the compound surfaced, plastic box manufacturers have been desperate to combat widespread fear amongst consumers. Now, a study has found that BPA-free does not necessarily translate to a safer product.  A […]