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Hong Kong Exotic Pet Addiction Is A Travesty For Biodiversity Says New Report

5 Mins Read Hong Kong’s penchant for keeping exotic animals as pets is putting species at risk of extinction, a new study claims. Between 2015-2019, four million animals were imported into the country to be kept domestically, heightening the risk of extinction for rare breeds.  The ADM Capital Foundation report is titled Wild, Threatened, Farmed: Hong Kong’s Invisible […]

Vegan Diets Are Healthiest For Dogs, New Study Concludes

3 Mins Read ProVeg International supported a large-scale study into the effects of different types of canine nutrition. Findings show that nutritionally complete vegan diets are the healthiest option and expose dogs to the least food-related hazards. Research was conducted by a team of scientists across the U.K. and Australia. The project was the largest of its kind […]

As Humans Continue to Decrease Meat Consumption, So Do Our Animal Friends

4 Mins Read The rise of flexitarianism and veganism appears to be having a tangible side effect, other than improved personal and planetary health. According to recent vegan pet food sales figures, pet owners are increasingly switching their animals to meat-free diets. Researchers have drawn an irrefutable link between meat-eating and cancer risk. Similarly, vets have confirmed that […]

The 7 Best Vegan Dog Food Brands: Waggy Tails With No Animal Products

6 Mins Read Vegan dog food is on the up and up. Just a few years ago, there were barely any companies offering meat-free nutrition for our pooch companions, but now pet owners are spoilt for choice. From complete kibble to pea-protein fuel in a can, vegan dogs are no longer just surviving, they are thriving. So is […]

Living Long And Prospering: The Science (No Fiction) Behind The Pack’s New Plant-Based Dog Food Campaign

4 Mins Read The Pack is a UK brand that specialises in plant-based nutrition for dogs. It has just unveiled  a new ‘dog-first’ advertising campaign, educating human companions about the safety and benefits of meat-free food. The company worked with B-corp-certified agency Library to compose the ‘Hey Humans! Hey Doggies!’ artwork. The project is designed to raise brand […]

This Vegan Pet Food Startup Wants Dogs To Thrive On Plant Power

4 Mins Read Many pet owners believe that their dogs are naturally carnivores. But the truth is, dogs are omnivores and they can thrive on a plant-based diet. That’s the reason why British veterinarian Dr. Guy Sandelowsky decided to start Omni, an aptly named startup that has developed 100% vegan, nutritionally-complete dog food that is better for pets’ […]

These 8 Brinc Startups Are Disrupting Food From Algae Milk To Mycelium Pet Food

4 Mins Read Brinc, the Hong Kong-headquartered accelerator and venture capital dedicated to investing in over 1,000 climate-conscious firms within five years, has recently welcomed a new batch of startups joining its Spring 2021 Food Technology program. This time, eight food techs have been selected for their sustainable solutions, changing the way we eat with everything from cultured […]

This Cultured Meat Startup Is Making Animal-Free Food For Your Pets

3 Mins Read While people around the world are getting excited about trying cultivated meats for the first time in the near future, this startup is thinking about offering this experience to your pets. Based in Philadelphia, Because Animals is a biotech working on developing animal-free pet food using cell-based technology, and have already managed to produce the […]

Bond Pet Foods Creates World’s First Animal-Free Chicken For Dogs & Cats

3 Mins Read Bond Pet Foods, Inc., a biotech startup making animal-free proteins for pet food, has announced that it has developed the world’s first animal-free cultured chicken meat protein for cats and dogs. The Boulder, Colorado-based company also revealed it closed a bridge funding round, and hailed its prototype as a major step towards scale-up and commercialisation.  […]

Veteran Hong Kong TCM Manufacturer Launches First Ever Herbal Wellness Pet Brand

2 Mins Read Wai Yuen Tong, an established Chinese medicine manufacturer in Hong Kong, has recently developed a new line of herbal wellness supplements for pets. Called ProVet, the brand’s supplements are designed by cats and dogs and are made of 100% natural plant ingredients known to promote health and well-being according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Collaborating […]

Pets Are Being Killed In China Due To Coronavirus Misinformation

4 Mins Read After infectious disease expert Dr Li Lanjuan said on Chinese state television that pets should be quarantined if they have been in contact with suspected patients infected with the novel coronavirus, Chinese social media has been awash with untrue claims about disposing pets in order to prevent infection. While the World Health Organisation (WHO) has […]