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6 Female Scientists Making the World More Sustainable

7 Mins Read Scientific research might be considered a male-dominated arena, but it’s time to recognise that there are plenty of female pioneers to celebrate. Strong women who identified a niche or subject that was ripe for further exploration have led the charge for progress for centuries. The following scientific powerhouses have made leaps in their respective fields […]

Food Waste Makes Up 50% of Global Food Emissions, Study Finds

2 Mins Read A study published last month found greenhouse gases resulting from food waste contribute to nearly half of all global food system emissions. The study, published in the journal Nature Food, looked at the loss and waste of 54 different food commodities across four categories and assessed the emissions of food loss and waste at every […]

How the E.U. — and Women CEOs — are Tackling Greenwashing

3 Mins Read As the European Commission takes new steps to crack down on greenwashing in product labels and advertisements, research points to a foolproof way to avoid greenwashing in the first place: hire more women executives. The E.U.’s proposed Green Claims Directive is expected to force the hands of major companies to be more transparent about their […]

10 Things You Need To Know About The 2023 IPCC Climate Report

7 Mins Read The latest IPCC report is out and the findings are distressing and we highlight the ten most important ones you need to know. It’s been a big week for the climate emergency. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the UN-founded body charged with “advancing scientific knowledge about anthropogenic climate change” released its latest report […]

10 Terrifying Facts About Microplastics

4 Mins Read Microplastics are all around us. But you probably don’t even realize just how prevalent they are. Here are 10 facts you need to know about these fossil fuel-based tiny particles. In his book, A Poison Like No Other, Wired journalist Matt Simon shares some frankly horrifying facts about the overwhelming amount of microplastics present in […]

90% of US Shoppers Care About Food Brands’ Sustainability: Report

5 Mins Read An overwhelming majority of consumers in the US now believe that food businesses need to prioritise social and environmental responsibility. So says a new report based on polling data from over 33,000 American food and grocery shoppers last year. Results showed that an increasing number of people are switching to brands due to perceived sustainability […]

Happier People More Likely To Eat Cultivated Meat, Shows New Research

3 Mins Read A new study suggests that there is a positive correlation between consumers’ psychological well-being and their willingness to consume cultivated meat. Researchers at Singapore Management University’s School of Social Sciences and the Lee Kong Chian School of Business surveyed 948 Singaporean adults in June and July 2022 using an online questionnaire with the goal of […]

Study Suggests Textile Reuse Up to 70x More Sustainable Than Producing New Clothing

3 Mins Read A new study found that the environmental impact of reusing textiles is 70 times lower than new clothing, even when taking into account transport and export emissions. A new life-cycle assessment (LCA) commissioned by the European textile reuse and recycling industry (EURIC) has confirmed the significant carbon dioxide (CO2) and water savings of reusing textiles […]

More Research Shows a Plant-Based Diet Reduces Cancer Risk

3 Mins Read New research shows a significantly decreased risk of colorectal cancer for men who eat a predominately plant-based diet. The connection between diet and cancer risk for men is clear, says new research published in the journal BMC Medicine. While researchers did not find a link between colorectal cancer risks and women’s diets, men who ate […]

10 Things You Need To Know About The Resale Luxury Market

5 Mins Read What does the future hold for the luxury resale market? The future is bright, according to recent findings from McKinsey. McKinsey looked at the resale luxury market late last year. Consumer research was conducted in the U.S., EU and Asia. Overall findings concluded that consumers are growing the sector. If judicious, brands could enter the […]

Nearly 40% of Chinese Consumers Are Eating Less Meat, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read A new survey finds nearly 40 percent of Chinese consumers are reducing their meat consumption—a move driven by health benefits, taste, ethics, and a ‘cool factor.’ The new research, led by Good Growth, finds that more than half (60 percent) of a sample of more than 1,200 Chinese consumers have tried plant-based meat, with more […]

Hexagon Bio Raises a $47 Million Series A to Develop Fungi-Based Medicine

3 Mins Read California-based Hexagon Bio has closed a $47 million Series A funding round led by The Column Group, with participation from 8VC and Two Sigma Ventures. Hexagon is using first-of-its-kind proprietary genomics technology to develop secondary metabolites—small molecules produced by bacteria, fungi, and plants—to combat human disease. Examples include the antibiotic penicillin and the cholesterol-lowering drug […]

Medieval Kings Didn’t Eat a Lot of Meat. You Probably Shouldn’t Either.

3 Mins Read Here’s a little trivia night fodder you didn’t know you needed: medieval period royalty were mostly plant-based, a recent study discovered. Kings in the Middle Ages (500 to 1400–1500 ce), also known as the medieval period, ate meat sparingly despite having the resources to be more indulgent, reports new research. The findings were published by […]

Mass Extinction Threat Worse Than Previously Thought, New Research Finds

2 Mins Read New research says our understanding of endangered species is limited, and some species may face greater extinction risks than previously thought. Conservation statuses for nearly 8,000 species with limited population data show a grim reality, according to research published in Communications Biology. More than half of those species likely face extinction, according to the researchers. The […]