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Study Links Diets High In Plant Protein To Lower Risk Of Death From All Causes Incl. Heart Disease

2 Mins Read Researchers have found that diets high in protein, particularly plant protein, is associated with a lower risk of death from all causes. The study authors say that these findings should support recommendations to increase intake of plant proteins in the general population to improve public health.  Published in the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal on July […]

60% Fish Species May Not Survive Global Warming, Study Finds

2 Mins Read A new study reveals that climate change will impact fish species far more than previously thought. Finding that embryos and spawning adults are more susceptible to warming ocean temperatures, researchers say that if global heating continues unabated, by 2100, up to 60% of fish species around the world will be unable to survive. Even if […]

Federal Study Shows Brazil Meat Plants Directly Linked To Covid-19 Spread

3 Mins Read Meat plants have been a major factor in the spread of coronavirus in at least three different regions of Brazil, according to the country’s experts. According to the new study conducted by federal prosecution department the Public Ministry of Labour (MPT), the conditions at the meat plants have directly contributed towards the rapid transmission of […]

New Study Defies UN Global Population Predictions, Suggest Drastic Drop By 2100 & Warns Reproductive Rights At Risk

3 Mins Read New research suggests that the global population is likely to peak far earlier than originally predicted and begin declining by mid-century. By 2100, the researchers predict that the world population could be as much as 2 billion below current United Nations forecasts. While it will undoubtedly alleviate humanity’s strain on the planet’s resources, such a […]

Study: Hong Kongers Value Environment But Lack Smart Tech To Track Energy-Saving

3 Mins Read A new study conducted by researchers from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) has found that when it comes to energy consumption, Hong Kong households do value the environment more than originally thought. However, households lack the smart technology to help track energy use, particularly in air-conditioning consumption. The researchers argue that […]

Study: Shark Fin Sold In Hong Kong Contains Dangerous Levels Of Mercury

3 Mins Read A new study conducted by researchers from Hong Kong and the United States has found that shark fin sold in Hong Kong contains dangerously high levels of toxic mercury. All samples taken from shops in Sheung Wan tested positive for levels of mercury that surpassed government legal limits by as much as ten-fold. Long-term exposure […]

Ocean Microplastic Pollution May Outnumber Zooplankton Says New Study

2 Mins Read A new study finds that the amount of plastic pollution in our seas is likely to have been severely undercounted. The true number may be higher than the amount of zooplankton, which underpins our marine ecosystem and helps to regulate the climate.  According to a recent study published in the journal Environmental Pollution, there are […]

Study: Indian Consumers Willing To Pay Premium For Alternative Meat

2 Mins Read A new study conducted by researchers at Pennsylvania State University reveals that Indian consumers are generally willing to pay extra for plant-based and cell-based meats. Faced with the challenge of feeding an enormous and growing population, which will only be further exacerbated by climate impacts, these findings confirm that alternative proteins have a huge potential […]

Ocean Breezes Can Blow Microplastic Ashore, Study Finds

3 Mins Read A new study by researchers at the University of Strathclyde and the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées at the University of Toulouse reveals that sea spray contains tiny plastic particles. The scientists say that once broken down in the ocean into microplastics, plastic pollution can end up back into the atmosphere and land through the ocean breeze. These […]

New Study Confirms Electric Cars Generate Less Carbon Emissions

3 Mins Read A new scientific study has confirmed that electric vehicles generate less carbon dioxide than petrol cars across most areas of the world. The findings contrast the claims of some firms who believe that the carbon dioxide emitted in producing electricity amounts to more than that of conventional petrol vehicles, and will help boost government policies […]

Study Shows Screen Time Can Reduce Brain White Matter Growth In Toddlers

3 Mins Read Children undergo a crucial period of brain development during from their formative years of birth to around 5 years of age. MRI scans of preschoolers in a new study by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the United States show those who are often read to have more organised white matter in the language and literacy […]

World’s Cheapest Option Is To Fight The Climate Crisis, Study Finds

3 Mins Read While world and business leaders continue to quarrel over the hefty costs of climate action–taking into account climate risks, implementing climate mitigation and putting in place climate resilient policies–a new study shows that comprehensive measures to fight the global crisis is the cheapest option we have left. Using modelling data, researchers find that if climate […]

Study Finds People Globally Want To Prioritise Sustainable Lifestyle Because Of Climate But Cost Still A Deterrent

3 Mins Read A recent study by global research and consultancy firm GlobeScan has found that people around the world want to lead sustainable and healthy lives, driven by their concerns about climate change and environmental issues. The research also revealed that the key barriers preventing individuals from healthy and sustainable daily choices were high cost and lack […]

Study Finds Majority Of People Support Veganism For Ethics & Environment

3 Mins Read A study conducted by researchers at the University of Bath has found that most meat eaters consider veganism to be “ethical” and good for the environment. The study, which focused on psychological attitudes that impact shifting preferences away from animal consumption, shows that the general population already agree with the benefits of vegan diets to […]

Alarm As Study Finds Air Pollution Nanoparticles Linked To Brain Cancer

3 Mins Read For the first time, new research evidence is showing a link between air pollution nanoparticles and brain cancer. The study, published in the journal Epidemiology, is among the slew of new scientific research coming out showcasing the toxic and damaging health impacts of air pollution. These findings are especially relevant to major landmarks in Asia, […]

Consumer Trends: Study Proves We Need Carbon Emission Labels On Our Food

3 Mins Read In a 2018 study, researchers found that a front-of-pack carbon emissions label can drive more eco-friendly food choices amongst consumers. According to the scientists involved in the study, one of the most crucial challenges to combat the environmental footprint of our food system – which contributes to global ecological issues from biodiversity loss to climate […]

Oxford Study: Healthy Food And Sustainable Food Are One And The Same

3 Mins Read A newly published study conducted by researchers at the University of Oxford has found that eating healthy plant-based foods is nearly always the best dietary option for the planet. The analysis aims to help inform better individual choices and promote not only healthier food consumption but also sustainable food choices. While many previous studies have […]