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Red Meat Increases The Risk Of Cancer Says New EU Report

4 Mins Read The recently updated EU food promotion policy has linked red meat consumption to increased cancer risk. The Farm to Fork strategy includes beef, goat, lamb, and pig in the red meat category. In conjunction with Europe’s ‘Beat Cancer’ initiative, the EU Commission recommends a move towards more plant-based nutrition. Agri-food produced in the EU is […]

60% Of Millenials and Gen-Z Expect Plant-Based Chocolate Options From All Brands, Study Finds

3 Mins Read A new report has revealed that Millenial and Gen Z consumers are demanding more plant-based foods—specifically, dairy-free chocolate. The study was carried out by Swiss chocolatier Barry Callebaut, assessing changing buyer attitudes across Europe, the U.S., and Australia. The study polled in excess of 3,200 participants, aged between 18 and 75. 42 percent of respondents […]

Kerry Study Reveals India Is A Key Driver For The Plant-Based Food And Flexitarian Markets

3 Mins Read Taste and nutrition giant Kerry has undertaken a study into demand for meat alternatives, identifying India as a particularly high-growth market for plant-based foods. Findings demonstrated an overall openness to animal-free foods in the country of more than one billion. Taste, texture, and suitability for regional dishes were identified as significant purchase factors. In India, […]

10 Things You Need To Know About The Resale Luxury Market

5 Mins Read McKinsey has released a report looking into the resale luxury market. Consumer research was conducted in the U.S., EU and Asia. Overall findings concluded that consumers are growing the sector. If judicious, brands could enter the market without creating cannibalistic margin erosion. Companies seeking to steer clear risk missing out on opportunities to garner new […]

Singapore Scientists Create Plant-Based Emulsifier To Supersede Eggs And Dairy

3 Mins Read Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU Singapore) has announced a plant-based breakthrough. A team of its scientists has successfully developed a protein and antioxidant-rich emulsifier. It is free from traditional eggs and dairy. Preliminary findings show it could replace animal products in relevant food products. Mayonnaise and whipped cream were given as examples.  The NTU emulsifier […]

U.S. Crowned The Biggest Plastic Polluter In The World

4 Mins Read A new report has revealed the U.S. is the biggest contributor to plastic waste globally. It is producing more than all European Union countries combined. Ineffective recycling infrastructure and increased plastic manufacturing are considered the root causes. Figures have led to declarations of environmental and social crises within the U.S. The congressionally mandated report has […]

More Than 60% of Gen-Z Want a More Sustainable Food System, Report Finds

3 Mins Read Two-thirds of Gen Z believe that food production needs to be more sustainable. The findings have been revealed in an EIT Food-commissioned study. More than 2,000 individuals were polled, each being aged between 18-24. Participants were from the UK, France, Germany, Poland, and Spain. Data released from Belgium-based EIT’s Gen Z survey shows that young […]

Consumer Behaviour Deep Dive: Who Is Buying Plant-Based Meat & Why?

7 Mins Read Sales of plant-based meat alternatives have skyrocketed over the past year, as consumers turn their attention to health, nutrition, sustainability and food provenance more than ever before. But who exactly is driving the growth of plant-based meat, and what reasons are most critical in pushing consumers to turn to alternative proteins? Plus, why are these […]

Eating Less Meat Is Critical to Fight Climate Change, Confirms Another Study

3 Mins Read A reduction in meat consumption, regardless of how small, has been shown to contribute in the war against climate change. This is due to the percentage of greenhouse gas emissions that are created by cattle production. A dip in demand will equal lower production numbers and consequently, improvements to the climate. Cattle production contributes 57 […]

Meat-Eating Men Trump Women When It Comes to Climate Change Emissions

3 Mins Read A new study has revealed that men who indulge in meat-heavy diets are responsible for 40% more climate-changing emissions than women. Findings also showed that “optional” food and drink choices contributed to 25% of diet-based emissions. Researchers have concluded that sustainable diets should centre around plant-based foods, with a simultaneous reduction in sweet treats. The […]

Cell-Cultured Breastmilk Offers Parents Alternative To Formula

4 Mins Read By: Ruth Purcell & Bianca Le, The University of Melbourne Science has made impressive gains in the art of producing animal products minus the animal. Now this emerging field of cellular agriculture is taking on its biggest challenge yet: breastmilk. Breastmilk is a complex substance, and breastfeeding is even more complicated. We are a long way […]

Study Finds Link Between Eating Mushrooms And A Lower Risk Of Depression

3 Mins Read A new study published in the Journal of Affective Disorders has revealed that eating mushrooms could lower the risk of depression. Sampling data from more than 24,000 adults in the US, between 2005 and 2016, researchers from Penn State University gleaned the findings from diet analysis, with a specific focus on the frequency of mushroom […]

Electric Cars Alone Won’t Save The Planet. We’ll Need to Design Cities So People Can Walk and Cycle Safely

4 Mins Read By Timothy Welch At the COP26 climate summit, world politicians patted themselves on their backs for coming to a last-minute agreement. Humanity now waits with bated breath to see if countries implement the commitments they made, and if those commitments help the planet. If the rest of our climate progress mirrors the policies around transportation, we’re […]

Oil Companies Ploughing Money into Fossil Fuelled Plastics Production at a Record Rate – New Research

14 Mins Read By Fredric Bauer and Tobias Dan Nielsen Visiting a modern petrochemical plant makes you feel incredibly small. Enormous compressors roar incessantly, distillation columns tower high above your head, large pipelines full of oil and gas criss-cross the site. Heat radiates from inspection hatches in the furnaces in which the hydrocarbons are heated to 850°C to […]