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Cell-Based Meat Could Bring £2.1B Boost To UK Economy: Oxford Study

5 Mins Read £2.1 billion is on the line for the UK economy, and it depends on whether the government will greenlight its burgeoning cell-based meat sector. In a new report, Oxford Economics researchers find that the industry could add as many as 16,500 new jobs by the end of the decade, warning that Britain risks “falling behind” […]

Alternative Protein Still Underfunded To Meet Climate Goals, Experts Say

5 Mins Read Despite the record levels of private investment pouring into the alternative protein industry, experts say that a huge public funding gap still exists in order for the world to meet its climate goals. Two separate reports emerging from the Good Food Institute (GFI) and PwC, Rabobank and Temasek call for greater support for an industry […]

Reusable Containers Aren’t Always Better For The Environment Than Disposable Ones: New Research

5 Mins Read By: Alejandro Gallego Schmid, Adisa Azapagic & Joan Manuel F. Mendoza We are facing a waste crisis, with landfills across the world at full capacity and mountains of “recycled” waste dumped in developing countries. Food packaging is a major source of this waste, giving rise to an industry of “environmentally friendly” reusable food and drink containers that’s projected to […]

Can Swapping Meat For Vegan Alternatives Promote Gut Health?

4 Mins Read As plant-based meat alternatives continue to surge in popularity, many are wondering: are these substitutes really healthier than animal meat? A new study suggests that in general, it’s a yes. According to a new study led by researchers from London and Moscow, the occasional replacement of animal meat with vegan meat alternatives can lead to […]

A Third of Meat Free Monday Participants Go Vegetarian, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read One third of all people who partake in Meat Free Monday turn vegetarian after five years, a new study finds. The study indicates the effectiveness of promoting plant-based dietary shifts through campaigns that engage participants for a longer period of time, say the researchers.  New research has found that one in three Meat Free Monday […]

Eating More Plants Linked To Lower Heart Disease Risk, Studies Show

4 Mins Read Eating more plant-based foods is linked to reduced risk of heart disease among adults and in older middle-aged women, new research has found. The findings, based on two studies published as part of an American Heart Association report, show that plant-centric diets are heart-healthy and nutritious “at any age”.  Two new scientific studies show that […]

Report: Fast Fashion In Western World Is Driving Pollution In Africa’ Rivers

3 Mins Read In a new report on global inequality in water pollution, fast fashion brands in Europe, the U.S., and U.K. were highlighted as major drivers of water pollution across Africa’s rivers. While also a source of revenue and job creation for the continent, analysts at Water Witness say that lax environmental enforcement over the textiles industry […]