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‘It Flakes Like The Real Thing’: Irish Startup Debuts Whole-Cut Vegan Cod

3 Mins Read Irish startup Sea & Believe recently unveiled its newest development: a vegan whole-cut cod fillet. The company considers the breakthrough to be its biggest to date. It follows the commercial release of seaweed goujons and seaweed burgers. Both are sold in 50 locations across Ireland presently. The cod fillet was shown at IndieBio’s demo day […]

Happy Ocean Foods Nets New Investors for Its Vegan Seafood During ‘Lion’s Den’ Appearance

3 Mins Read Munich-based Happy Ocean Foods, which makes plant-based alternatives to shrimp, has secured two investors following an appearance on Lion’s Den. The programme is the German version of the U.S.’s Shark Tank and the U.K’s Dragon’s Den. The alt-seafood startup welcomed backing from former Formula 1 racing champion Nico Rosberg and Dagmar Wöhr. As part of […]

Revo Foods Has Launched Its Vegan Smoked Salmon In The UK

3 Mins Read Austria’s Revo Foods has debuted its plant-based smoked salmon analogue in the U.K. It will be sold by GreenBay, a popular online vegan supermarket. The launch follows a successful domestic unveiling back in October last year and subsequent European rollout into more than 15 countries.  Revo says that it has developed its recipe to appeal […]

Alternative Seafood Is Set To Benefit From This New Whole Food Ingredient

3 Mins Read Smallfood, a Canadian microbial fermentation ingredients startup, claims that it’s about to change the alternative seafood sector thanks to a whole food ingredient it has developed. When added to seafood analogues, the company’s algae-based innovation improves taste and nutrition and helps match conventional seafood in terms of flavour, benefits, and, critically for consumers, price—all while […]

BioMeat And The Volcani Institute Launch E-FISHient To Develop Cultivated Tilapia

3 Mins Read Israel’s E-FISHient Protein is a joint startup project between BioMeat and The Volcani Institute that aims to develop, produce and market cultivated tilapia fish meat, using non-animal serums. Such serums are being considered for commercial sale, if they prove effective. BioMeat will act as controlling partner in the arangement, snaring 76 percent of E-Fishient’s share […]

More Than Half Of Global Industrial Fishing Offences Linked To Chinese Vessels, New Study Claims

3 Mins Read A new study has revealed that one-third of all fishery offences are connected to industrial interests. Of that third, more than half (59 percent) are connected to Chinese interests. 450 commercial fishing vessels are implicated, representing just 20 individual companies. While China takes the lion’s share of offences, Indonesian vessels came second with 15 percent […]

Aqua Cultured Foods Launches Seed Funding Round Amidst Output Spike

3 Mins Read Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods has revealed it has successfully doubled its biomass fermentation output of vegan seafood. The startup claims to now be able to produce twice as much product in the same timeframe, generating buzz for commercial possibilities. All varieties made by the company are applicable, including whole-muscle cut tuna, whitefish, shrimp, calamari and […]

Octopus Farms Raise Massive Ethical And Evironmental Concerns

5 Mins Read By Alexandra Schnell, University of Cambridge, Heather Browning, London School of Economics and Political Science, Jonathan Birch, London School of Economics and Political Science When you imagine an octopus’s world, you might well see a curious creature in a complex undersea environment.  Yet the reality of life for some octopuses is existence within a barren tank, inescapably surrounded by humans and other […]

Latin America Joins the Burgeoning Alt-Seafood Industry 

4 Mins Read The alt-seafood industry is predicted to be worth $23.2 billion by 2024. As a growth sector, it is attracting new interest from LATAM countries seeking to net a piece of the action. Brazil and Chile are leading the charge, with each taking a different tack.  Brazil is looking to leverage cultivated technology to provide sustainable […]

‘We Can All Win’- Early Alt Protein VC Chris Kerr Talks Overhype, The Role Of Media And Why Success Is About Sticking To The Basics

17 Mins Read A few weeks, I sat down (via Zoom) with Chris Kerr to talk about the alternative protein industry. Chris is the founding partner and Chief Investment Officer at Unovis Capital Management and their early-stage venture capital fund New Crop Capital to. Their investment thesis revolves around identifying companies that are successfully creating products that can […]

Expo West 2022 Review: The 10 Best Future Foods We Tasted

12 Mins Read Expo West, which is held in March in Los Angeles at the Anaheim Convention Center, boasted over 2,700 exhibitors and 50,000 attendees filling the venue’s 480,000 square feet. It’s the largest natural food tradeshow in the U.S., and Green Queen was on the ground. As I walked the Expo West aisles, alt protein seemed to […]

Wanda Fish Nets Exclusive Collaborative Working Agreement With Massachusett’s Tufts University 

4 Mins Read Israeli food tech startup Wanda Fish has signed two agreements with private research facility Tufts University. Working under a licensing agreement, Wanda will gain exclusive access to IP surrounding cultivated fish development, as created by David Kaplan. A leader in cellular agriculture, Kaplan works at Tufts as a senior researcher. Wanda will support a two-year […]

Meet The Vegan Fishmongers: The Rising Tide of Plant-Based Seafood

7 Mins Read Vegan seafood is on the rise — but what’s behind its growth, and who are the key players? And are plant-based seafood whole-cuts a reality? If you look at the myriads of lists forecasting vegan trends in 2022, plant-based seafood appears on virtually all of them. According to the Good Food Institute, alternative seafood received […]

Plantish Nets $12.45 Million, Alt Seafood’s Largest Seed To Scale Ultra-Realistic Salmon

4 Mins Read Israel’s Plantish has announced the completion of a record-breaking seed round. The plant-based seafood developer scooped $12.45 million, one month after showcasing its hyper-realistic fish analogue across social media channels, which the company claimed was the world’s first vegan whole cut salmon fillet. The round was led by State of Mind Ventures, with Pitango, TechAviv […]

This Food Tech Is Making Smoked Vegan Salmon From Spirulina Algae

3 Mins Read Israeli’s SimpliiGood has revealed that it has successfully prototyped a smoked salmon analogue made purely from spirulina algae. The development is cited as being the first of its kind. The company already produces products including meat substitutes, drinks and ice cream. This will represent its first foray into alt-seafood, a globally growing sector. A prototype, […]

Vivera Debuts Plant-Based Salmon Fillet That Costs Less Than The Real Thing

3 Mins Read JBS-owned Vivera has revealed a new vegan salmon analogue that the company says mimics the flavour, fattiness and flaky texture of real salmon in response to a ‘lack of plant-based fish alternatives’ currently in circulation in the Netherlands. Sold in a pack of two, for €3.49, the Dutch brand claims that this makes it more cost-effective […]

Finless Foods Nets $34 Million Series B Funding for Plant-Based and Cultivated Tuna

3 Mins Read Californian alternative seafood startup Finless Foods has closed a $34 million funding round ahead of specialist facilities construction. The round was led by Hanwha Solutions, with Dainichi Group, At One Ventures and Sustainable Ocean Alliance all participating. The sustainable seafood company already manufactures plant-based tuna analogues out of Emeryville, which it plans to release to […]

Singapore’s Umami Meats Nets $2.4 Million For ‘Cultivated, Not Caught’ Seafood

3 Mins Read Singaporean cellular agriculture startup Umami Meats has closed a $2.4 million pre-seed investment round. The company specialises in “cultivated, not caught” seafood production. Funding has been earmarked for continued plant-based serum development and manufacturing cost auditing. Minimised costs and maximum outreach are top priorities, to make Umami a leading sustainable seafood supplier. Pre-seed funding was […]

Who Will Asia’s Biggest Cultivated Seafood Players Be?

6 Mins Read Cultivated seafood is shaping up to be a serious niche within the cell-based protein sector. This is especially true in Asia, where demand for seafood remains high. In fact, more seafood is consumed per capita in the region than anywhere else in the world and Asian consumers account for over 70% of future growth. Innovating […]

Leo DiCaprio-Backed Wildtype Nets $100 Million To Make Cultivated Sushi-Grade Salmon Omnipresent

4 Mins Read San Francisco-based cellular agriculture startup Wildtype has announced a successful Series B funding round totaling $100 Million to launch its cultivated salmon at scale across the U.S., from foodservice operators to retail outlets. Leonardo DiCaprio, Cargill, Robert Downey Tr.’s FootPrint Coalition and Temasek all participated, alongside others. The round brings Wildtype’s total funding to date […]

Is The Future Of Fried Calamari Mycoprotein? This Foodtech Startup Says Yes

3 Mins Read Chicago’s Aqua Cultured Foods has announced the successful development of its initial commercial product: mycoprotein squid. Using microbial fermentation technology, the company has created plant-based calamari “fries.” Mycoprotein has been used to create a comparable texture, appearance, and taste to conventional calamari. Additionally, the whole-cut sushi-grade product contains a high nutritional value. Executive chef Johnny […]