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Octopus Farms Raise Massive Ethical And Evironmental Concerns

5 Mins Read By Alexandra Schnell, University of Cambridge, Heather Browning, London School of Economics and Political Science, Jonathan Birch, London School of Economics and Political Science When you imagine an octopus’s world, you might well see a curious creature in a complex undersea environment.  Yet the reality of life for some octopuses is existence within a barren tank, inescapably surrounded by humans and other […]

Aqua Cultured Foods Tackles Food Waste With Dumplings Made From Mycoprotein Offcuts

3 Mins Read Mycoprotein seafood startup Aqua Cultured Foods is tacking on another category disruption beyond its alternative seafood. The Chicago-based company is using up whole-muscle offcuts from its vegan seafood in a new range of dumplings to reduce food waste. Angling toward go-to-market partnerships in the Asian foodservice category, Aqua Cultured Foods says its new dumplings featuring […]

5 Brands Making Plant-Based Seafood So Realistic You Can’t Tell It’s Vegan

3 Mins Read Seafood is a fast-growing niche of the alternative protein sector. With that is a sub-niche of unbelievably realistic plant-based whole-cut products. Made using 100 percent vegan ingredients, these substitutes for fish and seafood claim to be healthier, more sustainable and a solution to the consequences of global overfishing. The following startups are looking to remove […]

Novel Vegan Seafood Development From Revo Foods Signals a Sea Change

3 Mins Read Austria’s Revo Foods is bringing three new vegan products to market this week: Graved Salmon, Salmon Spread, and Tuna Spread. It says the Graved Salmon and Salmon Spread are new to the plant-based seafood category. “With the release of these 3 unique products, we reached a new milestone in the dynamic market of plant-based seafood […]

Forsea Foods Is Taking On the ‘Tremendous’ Eel Market With Novel Cell-Cultured Tech

3 Mins Read Moving cell-cultured seafood “closer to nature,” Israeli newcomer Forsea Foods says it’s turning its attention to a bottleneck in the seafood industry by focusing on eel meat. Ashdod, Israel-based Forsea Foods says its patented organoid technology—stem cell-derived three-dimensional tissue structure—doesn’t require as many growth factors as other cell-based meat. The technology, developed by Iftach Nachman, […]

Wicked Kitchen’s Good Catch Sends The Vegan Seafood Category Sailing

3 Mins Read The vegan seafood industry, already experiencing a boom, gets a big push as vegan tuna category leader Good Catch joins the expansive Wicked Kitchen portfolio. Founded by chef brothers Chad and Derek Sarno, vegan ready-meal brand Wicked Kitchen took over Tesco’s U.K. supermarkets in 2018, jettisoning past sales forecasts. Also founded by chef brothers Chad […]

Heavy Metals, Microplastics, Driving Asia’s Shift to Plant-Based Seafood: Report

3 Mins Read In the first survey of its kind, leading protein think tank Good Food Institute APAC identified key factors sending Asian consumers toward plant-based seafood options. Consumers across Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea are largely excited by the potential in alternative seafood options. Specifically, they’re motivated by the absence of heavy metal and microplastic contamination […]

Leading Seafood Producer Thai Union Launches Plant-Based Shrimp

3 Mins Read Leading global shrimp producer Thai Union has launched a plant-based shrimp product as it expands its efforts to meet the demand for vegan seafood. Adding to its roster of alternative seafood, the new OMG Meat shrimp joins Thai Union’s plant-based tuna, as well as crab meat and dumplings, and fish nuggets. The company announced its […]

Bluu Seafood Releases Its First 2 Cultivated Fish Products

3 Mins Read German food tech company Bluu Seafood, is showing off its first cell-based fish as it readies for regulatory approval processes across Europe, Asia, and North America. Bluu is the first European-based cultivated fish producer to reveal market-ready products: fish sticks and fish balls. Both are made from a “one-time” fish biopsy that didn’t take the […]

Icelandic startup Loki Foods Unveils Sustainable Plant-Based Atlantic Cod Fillet

4 Mins Read Icelandic startup Loki Foods has raised a pre-seed $650,000 to develop a line of realistic and nutritional alternative seafood products, including a whole-cut, plant-based white fish fillet alternative. The company says their sustainable Atlantic cod analogue beats conventional fish meat on nutrition and cooks just like the real thing. The product also has the potential […]

Who Will Asia’s Biggest Cultivated Seafood Players Be?

6 Mins Read Cultivated seafood is shaping up to be a serious niche within the cell-based protein sector. This is especially true in Asia, where demand for seafood remains high. In fact, more seafood is consumed per capita in the region than anywhere else in the world and Asian consumers account for over 70 percent of future growth. […]

Why Pearlita Foods Set Out to Make the First Cultivated Oyster Meat

5 Mins Read Are lab-grown oysters coming to a plate near you? That’s the hope for Nikita Michelsen and marine biologist Joey Peters, the co-founders behind the cultivated oyster meat seafood startup, Pearlita Foods. For now, though, they’re starting with vegan oysters made from mushrooms and seaweed. The Raleigh, North Carolina-based startup is working to develop cultivated oysters—Pearlita […]

10 Reasons Eating Fish and Seafood Is Bad for Your Health and the Planet

7 Mins Read From biodiversity loss to more frequent natural disasters and rising global temperatures, our planet is now at an important crossroads. In the face of this global crisis, lessening our impact on the limited environmental resources we have left requires careful consideration of our consumption choices. Reducing seafood intake is one of the key ways you […]

This 3D-Printed Vegan Salmon Is Just Like Fish Only Without the Mercury

3 Mins Read Vegan salmon may be healthier than conventional salmon—at least when it comes to contaminants including mercury and PCBs, according to a recent test funded by vegan salmon startup Revo Foods. “Many people believe that vegan products are unhealthier than animal products, but is that actually true?” asks Revo Foods. The Austrian vegan seafood producer, which […]

Current Foods Nets $18 Million For Vegan Smoked Salmon Retail Push

4 Mins Read San Francisco’s Current Foods, formerly Kuleana, has closed an $18 million seed funding round as global appetite for plant-based seafood continues to grow. Investors included GreatPoint Ventures, Union Grove Venture Partners, Astanor Ventures and Electric Feel Ventures, amongst others. Funding has been earmarked to support the retail launch of Current Foods’ smoked salmon analogues. Alongside, […]

New Study Finds Eating Fish Linked To Increased Melanoma Risk In Older Adults

3 Mins Read New research links higher fish consumption in older adults to an increased risk of melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer. The findings have led to wider questions surrounding diet and its impact on melanoma. The study was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal Cancer Causes & Control. The large research project gained access […]

Whole-Cut Vegan Snapper Is Coming To APAC Plates

3 Mins Read Indian vegan seafood startup SeaSpire has unveiled a plant-based snapper fish analogue created using bio-printing. The company says the seven-ingredient alternative is clean label and the first of its kind in the APAC region. It was created using a proprietary printing platform that has sought to capture the texture of conventional fish using AI for […]

Jack & Bry Debut World’s First Unbreaded Jackfruit Fish Fillet

3 Mins Read UK plant-based meat startup Jack & Bry has unveiled what they claim is the world’s first unbreaded jackfruit fish fillet, in partnership with The Cornish Seaweed Company. According to the company, all other comparable products use a coating to contain the jackfruit flakes. The development has been hailed as the closest thing to real fish […]

Revo Foods Nets $2.3 Million Alongside New Ultrarealistic Salmon Fillet Debut

4 Mins Read Austrian foodtech startup Revo Foods has secured a €2.2 million grant from the Austrian Research Promotion Agency. The equity-free award was granted to help Revo continue its 3D printed seafood developments. It comes as the company unveiled its first whole-cut analogue during a public tasting event held in Vienna last month. Revo’s plant-based salmon fillet […]