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Exclusive: Malaysian Startup Debuts ‘World-First’ Tempeh Beef Mince

4 Mins Read Malaysian alt-protein startup Good Health Farm claims it has created the world’s first tempeh beef mince in Singapore. It looks, cooks and tastes like its conventional animal counterpart, and costs the same as certain premium varieties. The brand has also collaborated with Singaporean chef Forest Leong on a range of ready-to-heat local favourites made with […]

AirAsia Partners With Indonesia’s Green Rebel for Meatless Menu Options

3 Mins Read Indonesia’s premier plant-based protein brand, Green Rebel, has teamed up with Malaysian budget airline, AirAsia, to provide meatless alternatives of traditional Southeast Asian delicacies for the inflight menus on regional routes. Beginning today, Green Rebel’s vegan Pak Nasser’s Plant-Based Nasi Lemak will be available on AirAsia’s Malaysia routes, while passengers on Philippines routes will be […]

As It Readies for a Series A, Green Rebel Expands In Asia, Including 364 Starbucks In Malaysia

3 Mins Read Indonesian food-tech startup Green Rebel is broadening its presence across the Asia-Pacific, establishing partnerships with top quick service restaurants including Starbucks Malaysia and Nando’s Singapore, as it gears up for a series A funding round by the end of 2023. Green Rebel, which launched in Indonesia in September 2020, is a plant-based food startup focused […]

Malaysia Gets Its First Cultivated Meat Facility

3 Mins Read Slated to launch in Q4 2024, Cell AgriTech says its first cultivated meat production facility will also be Malaysia’s first. Cell AgriTech says it plans to be in full production by spring of 2025, pending regulatory approval for cultivated meat. The company made the factory announcement during the first Malaysia Cultivated Meat Conference held at […]

Q+A w/ Benedict Lim of OATSIDE, Asia’s First Full-Stack Oat Milk Startup

3 Mins Read How did OATSIDE become one of Asia’s fastest growing oat milk companies? CEO & creator Benedict Lim talks to Green Queen’s Sonalie Figueiras about why malty milk matters and more. In less than two years, self-described ‘full-stack’ oat milk brand OATSIDE has become a force to be reckoned with on supermarket shelves in over 8 […]

Malaysia’s Phuture Embarks On Ambitious Expansion By Leveraging Chicken Supply Disruption

3 Mins Read Malaysian plant-based meat producer Phuture has announced multiple new distribution partnerships. The startup, which recently secured $1.5 million in funding to fine-tune its meat analogues, lists restaurants, retail outlets, and hotels as coming on board to serve animal-free meat. Korean chicken chain KyoChon is confirmed, as is the Grand Hyatt hotel. Convenience store chain CU […]

Malaysian Startup Launches Blended Jackfruit and Meat Patties. But Why?

6 Mins Read Jackfruit is all the rage right now, with herbivores and the plant-curious alike dubbing it the perfect natural vegan substitute for everything from pulled pork burgers to meaty stews. But one startup, based in Malaysia, believes meat-loving consumers will be a little more convinced if they add the real deal in. The brand, Nanka, is […]

Singapore Food Tech Next Gen Brings TiNDLE Plant-Based Chicken To Hong Kong, Macau & Kuala Lumpur

4 Mins Read Singapore food tech Next Gen is bringing its plant-based chicken brand Tindle into new markets, launching in Hong Kong, Macau and Kuala Lumpur simultaneously next month. Partnering with distributor Classic Fine Foods, Tindle will make its way into restaurant menus across the three Asian cities as plant-based demand across the region continues to grow.  Next […]

Konjac, Millet & Chickpea: 7 Asian Nations Ideally Positioned To Supply Diverse Plant Crops For Global Food Tech Industry

4 Mins Read In a new report, the Good Food Institute Asia Pacific (GFI APAC) has highlighted 14 alternative protein ingredients that could help not only diversify the range crops used in novel plant-based meat products, but also help bolster the appeal of alternative protein products to a larger consumer base. The report also spotlights the seven Asian […]

Top 3 Vegan-Friendly Travel Destinations In The World Are Here In Asia

3 Mins Read In a new Global Vegan Index by travel agency Hotelfollower, Asian destinations took the top spots for vegans who wish to explore the world. The top 3 countries in the ranking include Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan, while Malaysia and Vietnam made the top 10 travel destinations in the index. As veganism continues on its […]

#PlantPatties: The 40 Best Vegan Burgers In Asia

11 Mins Read Who doesn’t love burgers? No one, that’s who. But here at Green Queen, we’re partial to plant-based patties. We curated a list of the best vegan burgers in Asia, so you can eat your way across the region with fries and ketchup. Our list features every kind of plant-based burger you can think of, from […]

Indonesia Fires Cost The Country At Least US$5.2 Billion, Says World Bank

3 Mins Read Land and forest fires have blanketed Indonesian forests for months on end, and the World Bank predicts in a new analysis that it will cost the country at least US$5.2 billion in economic losses and damage this year. Half of the predicted economic losses came from agriculture and environmental sectors, as the fires released massive […]

Landmark PET Report: Southeast Asia Plastic Crisis Result Of Government Inaction

4 Mins Read A major report about plastic bottle recycling in the Southeast Asian region reveals the severity of the waste crisis facing countries that simply do not have the adequate infrastructure for collection with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of value being lost and consumers and businesses bearing the brunt of the collection responsibility. Singaporean environmental […]