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Summer Sun Guide: How To Choose A Natural Sunscreen

4 Mins Read Let’s come clean: sunscreen should be applied year-round. But as we are in the throes of summer and your skin is basking under constant sun, protecting it from sunburn and UV damage is more important than ever. Slathering on sunscreen is the smart thing to do but with the abundance of SPFs out there, so many products […]

Green Queen Travels: The Best Healthy Restaurants In London

7 Mins Read London Town is gaining fast traction in the healthy eating scene. From innovative British flavors and wholesome Middle Eastern meals to Cali-fresh fare, Big Ben’s stomping grounds has exploded with fantastic raw offerings, salad bars galore, cold-pressed concoctions and everything in between. With an awe-inspiring group of women at the helm of these new spots, there’s no reason not […]

The Plant-Based Pinoy: Manila Vegetarian & Vegan Eating Guide

5 Mins Read Being healthy and traveling doesn’t always go hand-in-hand, let alone being a vegan traveler. Us plant-based folk do often struggle when trying to find nutritious, delicious food abroad. During a recent stint in Manila, I was happily surprised to discover that the Filipino capital was remarkably accommodating when it came to finding quality vegan fare.”] […]

Czech This Out: Top 3 Restaurants for Raw Vegan Foodies in Prague

4 Mins Read It may not be the first city that comes to mind when thinking about raw food, but the movement is actually quite vibrant in Prague. Adaline Lau of Doufu Mafia travelled there for the first time and found a bevvy of delicious eateries. Apart from being blown away by the beautiful architecture and scenery in Prague, plant-based […]

Staying Healthy While You Travel – Our Top Tips

3 Mins Read In the second installment of her Green Queen series, Karin Reiter of Nuritious n Delicious shares her travel tips with us.  A frequent flyer and yet, she manages to stay healthy by adhering to good habits, which she outlines for us here. Without access to your kitchen, personal trainer and morning green smoothie, your vacation […]

Asia’s Top Detox Destinations by spas+beyond

5 Mins Read  An earlier version of this article previously appeared on spas+beyond.   Ananda in the Himalayas, India Up on a mountain top overlooking the sacred Ganges and Rishikesh, spending time in Ananda feels like coming home, albeit with a hint of Indian maharajah aristocracy. Nurturing staff, beautiful grounds and spectacular food keep you happy between Ayurvedic treatments, yoga […]