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Climate Change & Alt Protein Consumer Trends and insights from our award- winning impact & sustainability media platform.

Gen Z Americans: 60% Approve Of Meat Tax And More Are Open To Meat Alternatives

4 Mins Read A new study, conducted by Veylinx, has revealed consumer insights critical to the growth of the alternative protein sector. A key takeaway for brands looking to entice new customers is confirmation that price and taste are bigger drivers than animal welfare or the environment. It was also identified that certain foods, namely burgers and hot […]

‘Beef But Better’: Kerry Identifies What Australia Consumers Are Looking From Plant-Based Beef Burgers

5 Mins Read Consumers across the globe are adopting flexitarian diets, motivated by health and environmental factors. Newly published research by Kerry, the global leader in taste and nutrition, suggests the move towards alternative proteins starts with easy substitutions of existing favourite foods such as burgers. But what exactly do consumers look for when choosing a plant-based patty? […]

Brits Are More Climate Conscious Than Ever, According To Search Engine Data

4 Mins Read Google has released data that appears to demonstrate a shift towards climate awareness in the U.K. Users of the search engine have been looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, with specific methodologies starting to trend. Vintage and recycled clothing has proven to be a popular query, alongside electric vehicle searches. The revelation came […]

What Is The Degrowth Movement And Why Should You Care?

4 Mins Read Have we consumed our way to a climate crisis? Our entire economy is based on growth indicators and well, not all growth is good. That’s the underlying message of the degrowth movement—a term used to encapsulate political, social, and economic actions designed to sustain our existence on the planet.   To some observers, the degrowth […]

10 Trends Shaping Eco Travel In 2022: Exploration Meets Ethics

5 Mins Read Digital travel platform has released its seventh annual Sustainable Travel Report, offering insights into consumer attitudes towards sustainable travel in a post-Covid climate. Overall, travellers are shifting towards ‘planet-first’ destinations and meaningful travel experiences. Globally, aviation accounts for around 2.5 percent of carbon emissions and 1.9 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. This might […]

From Rooftop Gardens to Microgreens: Hong Kong’s Urban Farming Pioneers

3 Mins Read A metropolis of skyscrapers, frenetic sidewalks and dazzling nightlife, Hong Kong’s thriving economy has always fallen short on one thing – food security. The city is dangerously dependent on food import; a shocking 90 percent of the total food supply in Hong Kong is imported. While we have over 300 conventional, industrial farms that account […]

13 Things You Need To Know About The Global Alt Protein Industry

4 Mins Read The Good Food Institute (GFI) has released its annual ‘State of the Industry 2021’ reports that lay bare everything you need to know about the alternative protein landscape. Across the board, 2021 proved to be another year of strong growth, with cultivated and fermentation startups significantly increasing their cap table participation, alternative seafood proving to […]

How Changing Markets Foundation Disrupted London Fashion Week With Its Virtual Launderette: Everything Comes Out In The (Green)Wash

4 Mins Read Changing Markets Foundation Launched a new website during London Fashion Week, held last month. The virtual computer game-style site shines a light on greenwashing and outs major offenders, via a virtual laundrette. The stunt was supported by Extinction Rebellion, People Tree founder Safia Minney and climate campaigner Bel Jacobs. follows on from Changing Market’s […]

Beyond Meat CEO Predicts Market Recovery After Stock Dip, Blames ‘Covid-Related’ Fall In Demand

4 Mins Read Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown has revealed he is confident that the company can overcome disappointing market performance in 2021. In a recent earnings conference call, he discussed factors that impacted revenue, including Covid-19 and said that a regression towards comfort food had been a stumbling block for brand adoption. Looking ahead, Beyond has lowered […]

More Than 25% of Dutch People Want the Netherlands to Go Meat-Free

4 Mins Read Research commissioned by ProVeg Netherlands has found that 28 percent of Dutch people want to see a future without meat. One fifth would like to see the government ban slaughterhouses. The research was conducted by Kieskompas, with the VU University Amsterdam. Findings proved at odds with current dietary choices and have surprised experts. A key […]

Vegans And Vegetarians More Likely To Pursue Open Relationships Than Meat-Eaters, New Data Suggests

3 Mins Read Data collected by vegan dating app Veggly suggests that vegans and vegetarians are more open to the concept of unconventional relationship frameworks, with 60 percent saying they’re more likely to entertain open relationships than meat-eaters. Veggly has use three years worth of data collected on its platform, which boasts more than 600,000 members, to analyse […]

Aldi Supermarkets Saw A 500% Rise In Vegan Food Sales During Veganuary

3 Mins Read Discount supermarket chain Aldi U.K. has announced a significant surge in plant-based sales during January. Reporting a spike of 500 percent against last year’s January sales figures, the budget retailer has attributed the numbers to an increase in Veganuary participants. Recently confirmed figures show that a record 629,351 people signed up for the challenge in 2022. […]

New Report Finds China and India’s Gen Z Is More Sustainable Than UK and US Young Consumers

3 Mins Read Credit Suisse Research Institute released a report this week identifying Gen Z and Millennials in China, India, and other emerging countries as more likely to align with sustainable consumption than those in developed regions. An increased likelihood of buying conscious products, coupled with corporate distrust has led to the claim. Ten thousand age-appropriate consumers were […]

Wicked Kitchen Sales Double at Tesco During Biggest Ever Veganuary

3 Mins Read Leading UK supermarket Tesco says it saw an increase in sales across its vegan products, with revenues doubling compared to Veganuary 2021 on some ranges. New versions of classic dishes were released in time to capitalise on the Veganuary event. A BLT sandwich, Katsu curry and Tiramisu were among the highlights from the vegan range. […]

20% of Brits Are Eating Less Meat To Actively Fight Climate Change, Survey Finds

5 Mins Read A Censuswide survey, commissioned by environmental search engine Ecosia, has revealed new plant-based trends. Major takeaways include more than 20 percent of participants reducing meat intake in light of the climate crisis. It was revealed that 32 percent are willing to change their diets to help the environment. More than 50 percent of those asked […]