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London, Los Angeles, Barcelona Top List of World’s Most Vegan-Friendly Cities

3 Mins Read London, Los Angeles, and Barcelona have been named the top most vegan-friendly cities in the world in a new report.  Releasing its report on the world’s most plant-forward and sustainable cities, abillion has revealed London, Los Angeles and Barcelona as the top choices for conscious citizens. The Singapore-headquartered vegan review platform analysed cities based on […]

10 Stats That Prove That Plant-Based Is The Future Of Food

5 Mins Read Driven by growing environmental awareness, ethical concerns, and health reasons, consumers are choosing plant-based more than ever before—and this shift in appetite is quickly reflecting on industry market data. Data in the latest market report by the leading natural and specialty product research and insight provider SPINS, which was commissioned by the Good Food Institute […]

Over Half of Americans Say Future of Food Is Plant-Based – New Poll

3 Mins Read More than half of Americans believe that the future of food is plant-based, a new consumer poll has found. A new survey conducted by The Harris Poll reveals that over half of American consumers see plant-based foods as a trend here to stay. The polling, commissioned by vegan food tech Alpha Foods, saw 52% of […]

5 Signs That The Vegan Trend Is Hitting India In A Big Way

3 Mins Read While India is a country with a long history of vegetarianism, like many other countries that have undergone rapid urbanisation and population growth, the demand for animal protein has been on the steady rise. However, Indian consumers now seem to be making the shift towards plant-based – and here are some signs indicating that the […]

Kerry Is Helping F&B Capture Asia’s Growing Plant-Based Meat Demand

4 Mins Read Driven by rising awareness of sustainability and health, consumers all over the world are turning to alternative proteins. But no other market will compare to Asia when it comes to the surging demand for vegan meat in the years ahead. Kerry, one of the world’s largest taste and nutrition companies, believes it’s got the plant-based […]

Nearly 50% of Europeans Are Eating Less Meat, New EU Survey Finds 

4 Mins Read Almost half of all European consumers are now eating less meat, a new poll has found. The survey, conducted as part of the EU-backed Smart Protein Project, also revealed that 40% of consumers in Europe are planning on reducing their meat consumption in the future.  A new pan-European survey from ProVeg International and Innova Market […]

20% of Brits Will Be Eating Vegan and Vegetarian This Christmas, Poll Finds

3 Mins Read 20% of people in the UK will be ditching meat over the Christmas holidays, a new survey has found. The poll, conducted by food delivery platform Deliveroo, also found that the majority of people who are going vegan or vegetarian for Christmas have only recently made the switch to plant-based eating.  The Deliveroo poll, which […]

Sustainable Protein and Automation To Shape Food Industry: New Trend Report

4 Mins Read In a new report, sustainable protein and automation were named two of the top five trends set to shape the future of the food industry. Researchers at DigitalFoodLab also highlighted resilient farms, retail efficiency, and personalised food as key “megatrends” for industry watchers to look out for.  There are going to be five “megatrends” that […]

Beluga vs. Burger: Price Parity and Scalability Won’t Stop Cultivated Luxury Products From Reaching Commercial Viability

8 Mins Read By: Prof. Dr. Muriel Vernon, Dr. Sundar Pattabiraman and Henri Kunz Recently, two Techno Economic Analyses (TEAs) on the subject of (commodity) cultivated meat have been hotly debated. More specifically, the critical cost reduction necessary for its commercial viability, with both TEAs showing that cultivated meat may have a long way to go before it can be successfully […]

Alternative Seafood Sector Raised Record $116M In First Half of 2021

4 Mins Read New data shows record-breaking funding pouring into the alternative seafood sector, amid growing concerns over the environmental and human rights impact of the seafood industry. In the first half of 2021 alone, companies developing plant-based, cell-based and fermentation-derived alternatives to seafood raised $116 million, exceeding the total figure recorded in 2020.  According to a new […]