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USDA Foreign Ag Service To US Plant-Based Brands: Export To Germany Where 55% Are Flexitarians

5 Mins Read A new report is encouraging US plant-based brands to export to Germany, describes as the ‘fastest-growing plant-based meat market in Europe’ While the US mainstream media is on a headline rampage against plant-based meat, the US Department of Agriculture’s foreign arm is publishing reports extolling the growth of the plant-based meat sector abroad to encourage […]

The 10 Best Sustainability Podcasts You Need To Listen To Now

4 Mins Read We scoured the airwaves to find the best podcasts out there about environmental issues, all with their own voice and format, some inspiring, some informative, some funny, all important and worthwhile. Are you a podcast fan yet? Or maybe you’re exploring this format for your daily commute but you are not sure where to start? […]

Food Culture Expert Eve Turow-Paul of Food For Climate League: ‘Small Changes To Menu Language Can Dramatically Impact Consumer Choice’

6 Mins Read Green Queen‘s Sonalie Figueiras interviews non-profit founder and food culture expert Eve Turow-Paul about food, climate and how to empower people to change what’s on their plate for a more sustainable future. Author, consultant and food culture expert Eve Turow-Paul is on a mission to reframe the food and climate narrative and empower consumers and […]

A Surge in Corporates Green Job Listings Highlights The Lack Of Global Sustainability Talent

5 Mins Read By Christopher Boone, Professor of Sustainability, Arizona State University and Karen C. Seto, Professor of Geography and Urbanization Science, Yale University To meet today’s global sustainability challenges, the corporate world needs more than a few chief sustainability officers – it needs an army of employees, in all areas of business, thinking about sustainability in their decisions […]

What Is The Degrowth Movement And Why Should You Care?

4 Mins Read Have we consumed our way to a climate crisis? Our entire economy is based on growth indicators and well, not all growth is good. That’s the underlying message of the degrowth movement—a term used to encapsulate political, social, and economic actions designed to sustain our existence on the planet.   To some observers, the degrowth […]

10 Trends Shaping Eco Travel: Exploration Meets Ethics

5 Mins Read Following covid, travellers are shifting towards ‘planet-first’ destinations and meaningful eco travel experiences. Globally, aviation accounts for around 2.5 percent of carbon emissions and 1.9 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions, reports in its recent seventh annual Sustainable Travel Report. This might sound small, but the lack of democratic access to international travel needs […]

The High Carbon Cost of the Internet

5 Mins Read One of these is the impact of the internet on the environment and how it also contributes to climate change. Most of us spend hours glued to screens and devices, but few of us consider the greenhouse gas emissions toll of this behavior. The internet has become a thoroughly integrated part of our lives that […]

Nearly 40% of Chinese Consumers Are Eating Less Meat, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read A new survey finds nearly 40 percent of Chinese consumers are reducing their meat consumption—a move driven by health benefits, taste, ethics, and a ‘cool factor.’ The new research, led by Good Growth, finds that more than half (60 percent) of a sample of more than 1,200 Chinese consumers have tried plant-based meat, with more […]

5 Ways Conscious Consumption Is Driving The Resale Fashion Boom

3 Mins Read Sustainability is a hot topic in fashion right now, as the industry grapples with its reputation as one of the most polluting in the world. Consumers, in search for more eco-friendly ways to shop, are looking for alternatives that leave behind a lighter footprint – and this is driving the growth of resale fashion, which […]

Corporate Sustainability Is In High Demand. So Are Qualified Workers, Finds Report

4 Mins Read According to a new report, while corporations continue to make sustainability commitments, they struggle to find a qualified workforce to help implement them. The new report from Microsoft and the Boston Consulting Group finds that 57 percent of sustainability professionals don’t have sustainability-related degrees. More than 40 percent of professionals had no more than three […]

Agriculture Is Responsible for Nearly All Tropical Deforestation, New Study Finds

4 Mins Read New research finds between 90 to 99 percent of all tropical deforestation is related to agriculture, either directly or indirectly. The new research, published in the journal Science found only half to two-thirds of deforested land for agricultural purposes actually winds up seeing active agriculture. Much of the land lies razed and unused. The study […]

Climate Change Fears Driving 40% of People to Avoid Having Children, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read A new survey finds growing concerns over climate change are impacting a number of key considerations, including the decision to avoid having children. New research across 31 countries including the U.S., U.K., South Korea, Egypt, Turkey, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand, finds looming threats from the warming climate are impacting major life decisions, including whether […]

European Consumers Are Driving the Demand for Sustainable Protein, Survey Finds

3 Mins Read European consumers are keen to see more alternatives to conventional animal products, finds a new survey. More than 60 percent of consumers across four European countries—France, Spain, Germany, and Italy—say more alternatives to meat products need to be found. A majority of consumers said conventional animal agriculture’s impact on the environment is a concern, with […]

Low Waste Life: Confessions Of An Ex-Zero-Waste Jar Activist

8 Mins Read Several years ago, I made the somewhat difficult and hugely inconvenient decision to keep all my waste in a glass jar. I wanted to make as large an environmental impact as possible, and walk the talk about advocating for a greener and healthier planet. This drastic decision came with many unintended consequences, so I’m sharing […]