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6 Vegan & Vegetarian Food Tours Where You Can Eat Like a Local

6 Mins Read Sustainable travel has never been easier. Food tours are a massive part of the travel industry – and now, many cities around the world offer day-long walking experiences for vegans and vegetarians. Here are six where you can enjoy the local fare without meat. I don’t know about you, but there are two things I […]

The 5 Best Restaurants for Vegan Food In Shanghai

4 Mins Read Shanghai is surprisingly full of great vegan eats! While Buddhist-inspired vegetarian food has long been a cradle of Shanghainese food culture, the city has seen more new modern plant-based offerings appear of late. From high-end veggie fine dining to casual bowls of dumplings served on the side street or modern eateries with burgers and wraps, […]

I Planned the Perfect Vegan Holiday; Here’s How

4 Mins Read Veteran traveler Rebecca Gade Sawicki is the founder of vegan travel planning blog Veggies Abroad. She shares her expert tips on how to plan the perfect vegan holiday itinerary. “What in the world did you eat?”  “Did you bring all of your own food?” “Were you always hungry?” Those were only a few of the […]

The 10 Best Cities In The World for Vegan Food

9 Mins Read There are a fair amount of ‘best vegan cities’ lists on the interwebs, most of which are all interesting and worth a read. That being said, here at Green Queen, we love data and we love to use data to make decisions. While we did find a couple of lists that used data, they were […]

The 7 Best Places for Vegan Food In Bali

5 Mins Read Indonesia is incredibly vegan and vegetarian-friendly, but it’s Bali that really stands out as the ultimate plant-based heaven in the country. The island is now well-known for its abundant plant-based food scene, with vegan options available at almost every corner store and restaurant. While you’ll certainly need no help searching for vegan and vegetarian eats […]

These 3 Chefs Are Pioneering Vegan-Friendly Cuisine in Siem Reap

5 Mins Read Vegan travel writer & luxury travel specialist Paul Eyers has called Siem Reap home since January 2014. He has personally visited over 130 luxury hotels and resorts throughout Southeast Asia, experiences he chronicles on his Vegan Food Quest blog and as a contributor to A Luxury Travel Blog, a leading online high-end travel publication. Through […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat The Best Vegan Food In Phuket

4 Mins Read Phuket, the largest island in Thailand, is home to not only some of the greatest views and beaches the country has to offer, it also boasts an impressive array of plant-based eateries. From creamy green coconut curry and pad thai to colourful summer rolls to beat the heat, Phuket is never short of delicious plant-forward […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Vientiane

3 Mins Read Eating plant-based and doing some travelling? We have you covered. The capital of Laos is often overshadowed by the popular historical Laotian destination of Luang Prabang, but Vientiane does have some worthy and delicious plant-based food to offer. While the city isn’t home to many 100% vegan eateries, there are plenty of restaurants willing to […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat The Best Vegan Food In Hanoi

5 Mins Read If you’re travelling through Vietnam, there is a big chance that you will explore your way through Hanoi, the country’s charming northern capital. Known for its vibrant nightlife, small handicraft markets and the multicultural community left behind from its French colonial past, there is so much to see in Hanoi. If you’re wondering whether you […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Siem Reap

4 Mins Read Siem Reap has to be on the list for your vegan travels. From the temples of Angkor Wat and its surrounding ruins or vibrant local markets, there is so much to see at this Cambodian destination. If you’re wondering whether there is enough plant-based food to match the number of sights you can see in […]

Lonely Planet Publishes New Global Vegan Traveler Guide Book

3 Mins Read Lonely Planet, one of the world’s largest travel guide book publishers, has just released a brand new plant-based travel guide, The Vegan Travel Handbook. The guide is packed with advice and insights on how to explore the entire world the plant-based way, showing how easy it is to be vegan everywhere and anywhere. It comes […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat The Best Vegan Food In Seoul

4 Mins Read South Korea is often thought of as a meat lovers paradise, with many visiting the tech-forward capital Seoul just to try out all the barbecue meats on offer. But scrape beneath that meaty surface and you will find many delicious plant-based eats that many visitors miss. So in between your Seoul explorations, from modern high-rises […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat The Best Vegan Food In Singapore

6 Mins Read There are so many amazing vegan eats popping up in the Lion City. From local Southeast Asian delights like Hainan Chicken Rice to Westernised dishes like burgers and fries, herbivores can now enjoy a meat-free version of all their favourites- so get choping. Below is our roundup of the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat The Best Vegan Food In New Delhi

6 Mins Read India has always been an incredibly welcoming country for vegetarian, a place where almost one third of the population avoids meat of any kind. While Southern India tends to be a vegan culinary sanctuary, the plant-based dining scene in the country’s capital has been growing of late, to cater to people embracing meat-free lifestyles for […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Japan’s Capital Tokyo

6 Mins Read Who knew Tokyo was so vegan friendly? If you’re in love with Japanese food and thought you couldn’t find certain dishes made fully plant-based, then you’re in luck. From tempura and teriyaki-filled bento boxes to delicious ramen to Michelin-starred cuisine to moreish burgers and desserts, here’s our ultimate Green Queen guide to eating your plant-based […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Ho Chi Minh City

6 Mins Read There’s a huge chance you will be stopping by Ho Chi Minh City if you’re travelling in Vietnam. Still called Saigon by some locals, the country has a never-ending stream of vegan and vegetarian options. While many travellers might use the city as a stopover for their next Vietnamese adventures, we’d say there is a […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat The Best Vegan Food In Macau

4 Mins Read Planning a weekend trip to Macau? We have you covered for your mini getaway! You’re in luck too if you are looking to spend some time outside of those huge indoor malls. Below, our roundup of the best vegan and vegetarian diners, cafés and restaurants in Macau. The Blissful Carrot The Blissful Carrot is Macau’s […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Bangkok

6 Mins Read We love how vegan-friendly Bangkok’s food scene is, and so will you, after you give these places a visit. Our list of plant-based dishes to enjoy from traditional classics such as pad thai, tom yum and durian ice cream to globally inspired tacos, pizza and sushi is all you need for your next trip to […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Dubai

5 Mins Read Dubai is exploding with plant-based eateries and vegan options! Tons of restaurants are getting on board with the vegan trend, making the UAE capital bustling a truly vibing vegan food scene. Below are Green Queen’s top picks not to be missed – from thalis to raw courgetti and doughnuts – there is truly something for […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Jakarta

4 Mins Read Vegans rejoice! Green Queen has you covered again. Jakarta is home to some delicious plant-based offerings, from veggie nasi goreng to raw vegan burgers. Here is a list that we’ve compiled of some of the best plant-based dining that Jakarta has to offer. SIMPLY Veggie SIMPLY Veggie does meat-free versions on Indonesian classics and delicacies, […]