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‘Hybrid Could Unleash Alt-Seafood’: Vegan Fish Startup Seaspire on Indian Consumers, Launching in Foodservice and Why Retail Isn’t Viable Yet

7 Mins Read Indian vegan seafood company Seaspire has launched in D2C channels after months of foodservice trials in major cities in its home country. The startup’s co-founder Varun Gadodia tells Green Queen about India’s appetite for alt-seafood, consumer attitudes, why retail isn’t a viable option, and the key to this sector’s success. Launched in 2021, Seaspire made […]

Meatless Farm Products Back at UK Supermarkets After VFC Acquisition

5 Mins Read Three months after the UK company was bailed out of bankruptcy by fellow British plant-based meat brand VFC, Meatless Farm products are back on UK supermarket shelves. The brand has relaunched a few of its old products alongside a new offering, as it prepares a comeback marketing campaign nationwide. It’s been a challenging time for […]

Plant-Powered Politics Q&A: Can Europe Shift to a Plant-Based Food System?

8 Mins Read Five European organisations have come together to suggest 11 measures that can unlock the region’s transition towards a plant-based food system, in a new report titled Plant-Powered Politics. In conversation with Green Queen, the coalition explains its recommendations, details the repercussions of ignoring this shift, and touches upon plant-based subsidies and proposed bans. The report […]

Meati Opens Online D2C Store with Subscription for Mycelium Steak, Chicken & New Mystery Products

4 Mins Read Colorado-based mycelium meat producer Meati has opened a direct-to-consumer online storefront to enable product deliveries and subscriptions for its customers. The Meati Marketplace will allow people to try its alt-meats before they hit shelves, while a $169 Innovation Kitchen Subscription offers four current products and at least one completely new one every month. Meati makes […]

Can the Green Tuesday Cafeteria Campaign Help Vietnam Lower Its Meat Emissions?

4 Mins Read Non-profit organisation Vegan Outreach has expanded its Green Tuesday Initiative to Vietnam after five years in India. The programme hopes to reduce the impact of the country’s diet on the environment and is in talks with over 100 institutions about eating greener every Tuesday. The Green Tuesday Initiative helps corporations and educational institutions tackle climate […]

‘No Longer An Alternative’: Why Plant-Based Dairy Leader Alpro Redesigned Its Packaging

6 Mins Read Alpro’s brand refresh features new packaging putting the ingredients front and centre, along with taste descriptors and a bespoke font. Danone’s global plant-based marketing director speaks to Green Queen about emphasising sustainability over wacky marketing, why plant-based is no longer an alternative, and upgrading existing recipes. Four years after refreshing its packaging to focus on […]

Opinion: Plant-Based is Dead, Long Live Plant-Based!

5 Mins Read In recent years, the plant-based industry has witnessed hyper-growth and a lot of hype, fueled by venture capital and a promise of sustainable alternatives to traditional animal-based products. However, as the dust settles on initial market enthusiasm, the narrative surrounding this industry is changing. The initial exclamation that “plant-based is dead” might be a startling […]

Revo Foods Launches 3D-Printed Whole-Cut Vegan Salmon Filet in Vienna Supermarket

4 Mins Read Revo Foods will launch its whole-cut salmon filet in Rewe Group’s vegan flagship store, Billa Pflanzilla, in Vienna this week, marking the first time a 3D-printed meat alternative will be on supermarket shelves, according to the company. Born out of its collaboration with Sweden’s Mycorena, the mycoprotein-based salmon employs new extrusion tech to achieve the […]

Advocacy Group Calls for Adding ‘Zero Animal Exploitation’ as 18th UN SDG

5 Mins Read Animal advocacy group Beyond Cruelty Foundation (BCF) is calling for the addition of SDG18 – Zero Animal Exploitation to the UN’s list of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The organisation argues that none of the current 17 targets is achievable without this animal welfare goal, and has had discussions with UN representatives across various departments. The […]

Jambon Beurre for the Climate Generation: La Vie Debuts Plant-Based French Ham

5 Mins Read Green Queen speaks to French startup La Vie’s co-founder and CEO Nicolas Schweitzer about the startup’s new plant-based ham, its latest crowdfunding campaign, and its new virtual restaurant. Bacon is what made La Vie famous in the plant-based sector. That, and the company’s often viral marketing campaigns. But in the land of the Gauls, the […]