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Watching Nature On TV & VR Boosts Your Wellbeing, According To New Study

3 Mins Read According to a new study published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, researchers found that watching high-quality nature programmes on TV can help boost people’s moods and reduce negative feelings that result from boredom while alone indoors. Conducted by researchers from the University of Exeter, a new study shows that experiencing nature through programmes on […]

Global Mental Wellness Economy Now Worth US$120 Billion, New Report Finds

4 Mins Read New research has found that the global mental wellness economy has ballooned to a market worth more than US$120 billion, driven by growing consumer spending in four main segments including sleep, brain-boosting nutraceuticals, self-improvement and meditation. Describing the mental wellness sector as the new “industry bubble”, the report says that there has never been a […]

Cannabis Tonic Attracts Celebrity Investment From Gwyneth Paltrow & Rebel Wilson

4 Mins Read Cann, a Los Angeles-based startup that has gone viral for its alcohol-free cannabis-infused social tonics, has announced that it has secured investment from a star-studded list of celebrities, among them Rebel Wilson, Gwyneth Paltrow, Darren Criss and Tove Lo. Described by Paltrow as riding on two major trending movements – “sober curious” and “cannabis curious” […]

Hong Kong Siblings Launch First Ever Compostable Adaptogenic Coffee Capsules

3 Mins Read Hong Kong and Australia-based siblings Herman, Sharon and Chamani Wong started Beams Coffee after a stressful experience that saw Herman go through heart surgery, when the trio decided to create a brand “allows everyone to take control of their own health”. Launched this October, Beams Coffee’s first beta collection offers coffees that have been enriched […]

New Research Proves Being Kind Is Good For Your Health & Well-Being

2 Mins Read Performing acts of kindness and helping other people is beneficial to one’s health, a new study has confirmed. While all prosocial behaviours are linked to improve physical and mental well-being, the research highlights spontaneous random acts of kindness as most strongly associated with overall health.  The study, published in the peer-reviewed journal Psychological Bulletin, involved […]

Health & Sustainability A Priority For Asian Consumers But Cost & Ease Remain Still A Barrier

3 Mins Read A newly released global public opinion study has found that the majority of people around the world are now willing to adopt healthy and sustainable behaviours, especially in Asia. However, there remains key impediments to action, with the main barriers being the perceived difficulty of making planet-positive changes as well as affordability, a consideration that […]

Hyasynth: Biotech Startup First To To Bring Fermented CBD To Market

2 Mins Read Montreal-based biotechnology company Hyasynth has won the race to become the first to commercialise cannabidiol (CBD) produced and extracted through a yeast fermentation process, without the need for traditional cultivation or extraction from plants. The first-ever sale of CBD developed using microbial biosynthesis marks a key step forward towards large-scale commercialisation of this solution, which […]

Mental Health Hygiene: 3 Breathing Techniques To Reduce Anxiety & Stress

5 Mins Read Maintaining mental health hygiene in 2020 should be as normal as maintaining our general hygiene. “Thanks” to coronavirus outbreak, we’ve been forced to look after our physical health more carefully – for example by washing our hands frequently, wearing masks to prevent germ spread, and following strict social distancing guidelines. But one thing we often […]

Behold Retreats Launches Entheogen Plant Medicine Wellness Global Getaways

2 Mins Read Behold Retreats is launching a bespoke entheogen plant medicine service, where guests are taken on a holistic wellness journey to destinations where plant medicine is completely legal. Each program incorporates individual needs and preferences of each guest, as personalised natural health and well-being takes off as a major industry trend.  Founded this year by Hong […]

Trail-Running: How To Run Injury-Free Across The City And Beyond

4 Mins Read In our Corona times, when so many of us have suddenly become either dedicated runners or master chefs, it’s easy to get over-enthusiastic about our new hobbies and end up in trouble. And while our mistakes in the kitchen can cost us a few wasted products (or perhaps a cut finger), running related mistakes can […]

Rare Beauty: Selena Gomez’s New Vegan Makeup Brand Will Debut This September

2 Mins Read Singer-songwriter and actress Selena Gomez will be launching her brand new vegan beauty line this coming September. Called Rare Beauty, the makeup label will be entirely cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and “made to feel good in”. The brand has also set up a “Rare Impact Fund” initiative dedicated to address gaps in mental health.  Celebrity singer-songwriter Selena […]

How This Startup Changed The Conversation About FemCare & Periods In Asia

4 Mins Read Founded in 2015 by Olivia Cotes-James, LUÜNA Naturals was born out of the founder’s frustration at the lack of non-toxic menstrual products on the Asian market. Based out of Hong Kong and Shanghai, the startup has differentiated itself not only as a femcare brand that not only offers 100% toxin-free, organic and natural cotton sanitary […]

InBloom: Kate Hudson To Debut New Plant-Based Nutrition Brand

2 Mins Read Hollywood actress Kate Hudson has announced that she will be launching a new plant-based natural body nutrition company this August. Called InBloom, the brand will offer non-GMO, plant-based, synthetic-free and eco-friendly wellness supplements. Hudson revealed that she decided to launch her new venture earlier she originally intended because pandemic has highlighted the importance of health […]

Breathwork vs Yoga: What’s The Difference?

3 Mins Read Breathwork has gained enormous popularity in recent years with pundits calling labelling it as the ‘new yoga’ or ‘meditation’s little brother’. There’s no doubt this is a net positive. Most of us don’t breathe deeply enough and breathwork has a huge range of benefits. Along with the surge of breathwork practitioners across Asia, some wellness […]

Pelvic Floor Health 101: What Is It And How To Strengthen It?

3 Mins Read When we think about self-care and personal health we normally imagine a daily routine for glowing skin, lean muscles, and happy gut. We rarely pay attention to the organs in our body that we can’t see or feel immediately – despite the fact that our pelvic floor affects the health of our skin, muscles, and […]