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This Washing Machine Filter Captures 98% of the Microplastics Released from Your Laundry

5 Mins Read Slovenian startup PlanetCare has launched the second iteration of its microfibre-absorbing laundry filter, which can capture 98% of all pollutants from washing machine wastewater. Now made from recycled plastic, its cartridges are reusable, and – unlike many other filters – don’t require power. Microplastics are a big problem. There are 14 million tonnes of microplastics […]

Eco Fashion Platform Releases Documentary Celebrating Singapore’s Sustainable Fashion Space

9 Mins Read Singaporean design discovery platform Zerrin‘s new documentary, ‘The State of Sustainable Fashion in Singapore’, spotlights local creatives and thought leaders advocating for a more responsible fashion industry. We spoke to Zerrin founder Susannah Jaffer about the release and the island nation’s relationship with sustainable fashion. Shot over two days, the aim of the free-to-watch 17-minute […]

Is The Zero Waste Jar Trend Over?

10 Mins Read By Joseph Winters, Grist This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here. Almost a decade ago, Kathryn Kellogg started storing all of her trash — every receipt, sticker, wrapper, and anything else she couldn’t recycle or compost — in a 16-ounce Mason jar. The idea was to save money and avoid generating garbage […]

Mililk’s 2D-Printed Oat Milk: A Gamechanger for Carbon Emissions and Water Waste?

3 Mins Read Months after patenting its technology, German food brand Veganz is gearing up to release Mililk, a line of 2D-printed oat milk sheets, tapping into three key areas for consumers and product developers alike: waste, water scarcity and carbon emissions. The caramel-hued, barista-friendly oat milk sheets are A4-sized and letterbox-friendly. Each leaf can make 500ml of […]

8 Easy, Eco-Friendly Swaps To Make Right Now

5 Mins Read Make new eco habits with these eco-friendly swaps you can make today to ditch single-use products. We like to think that we don’t leave a massive footprint behind on our planet. But have you thought of the many little things in our daily routines that do add up? If you want to make some eco-friendly […]

Food Footprint: Which Diet Creates The Least Amount Of Food Waste?

5 Mins Read In the Green Queen Food Footprint Series, we tackle some of the complexities surrounding food and examine which choices are really the most planet-friendly. Today, we explore different dietary choices and find out which one is associated with the most food waste.  The climate crisis is rising to the top of the global agenda, waking […]

5 DIY Zero-Waste Bathroom Essentials From Toothpaste To Face Masks

3 Mins Read We all want to live a little lighter on earth, but making waste-free choices doesn’t mean that we have to sacrifice on our favourite bath, body and skincare products. Read on for some inspiration to eliminate waste from your daily routine the DIY way with zero-waste bathroom essentials.  You might be wondering: how can we […]

Low Waste Life: Confessions Of An Ex-Zero-Waste Jar Activist

8 Mins Read Several years ago, I made the somewhat difficult and hugely inconvenient decision to keep all my waste in a glass jar. I wanted to make as large an environmental impact as possible and walk the talk about advocating for a greener and healthier planet. This drastic decision came with many unintended consequences, so I’m sharing […]

13 Ways To Reduce Your Food Waste Footprint Right Now

5 Mins Read Looking to do your part to fight food waste? You can do a lot without ever leaving home. Here’s how. Our world is facing an unprecedented food waste crisis, which is contributing more than 10 percent of global carbon emissions that drive the climate emergency. In addition to coming at an enormous environmental cost, discarded […]

8 Circular Packaging Companies To Watch In The Race To Close The Waste Loop

5 Mins Read Packaging is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste – but our modern society just can’t seem to cut it out. Can these companies help? Living packaging-free is no easy feat, with almost every product on supermarket shelves, at clothing stores, and in our online deliveries all coming in either plastic bags, wraps, envelopes, […]

5 Books To Kickstart Your Zero-Waste Lifestyle Journey

4 Mins Read Are you ready to make the move to becoming more zero-waste? These books can help. Faced with our overflowing landfills, the global plastic ocean pollution crisis, and our ecological emergency, it’s more important than ever to make impactful changes to our daily lives. If you’re in need of some motivation and guidance in your low-waste […]