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5 Secondhand Fashion Platforms For Your Sustainable Online Shopping Fix

4 Mins Read Thanks to the digital age, secondhand shopping has totally taken off online and is no longer confined to the neighbourhood charity thrift shop. Gone are the days where you have to sort through piles of donated clothing for your next sustainable fashion purchase. Now, buying and selling preloved clothing has never been easier thanks to […]

The Best Second-Hand Clothes Shops in Hong Kong

8 Mins Read We know, WE KNOW. It’s always tempting to shop with all the new and trendy clothes everywhere, especially when it feels like they are always on sale. But we have to face facts! Our planet is suffering and fast fashion is a major source of harmful greenhouse gases, not to mention that landfills all over […]

Reusable Containers Aren’t Always Better For The Environment Than Disposable Ones: New Research

5 Mins Read By: Alejandro Gallego Schmid, Adisa Azapagic & Joan Manuel F. Mendoza We are facing a waste crisis, with landfills across the world at full capacity and mountains of “recycled” waste dumped in developing countries. Food packaging is a major source of this waste, giving rise to an industry of “environmentally friendly” reusable food and drink containers that’s projected to […]

How Upcycled Mushrooms Could Help Make Beer Vegan-Friendly

3 Mins Read It’s not common knowledge, but not all beers out there are vegan. Some brands use finings in the brewing process that are derived from animals, making the final product not 100% free from animal byproducts and therefore unsuitable for vegans. But now, researchers are exploring how upcycled mushrooms can help create animal-free fining agents to […]

Samsung To Go Waste-Free By 2025 As Tech Faces Green Pressure

3 Mins Read Tech companies have come under greater pressure in recent months to clean up their act, and now, Samsung wants to stem criticism by launching a new sustainability plan. The South Korean giant says it wants to divert all waste from landfill within the next three years, as well as up the percentage of recycled materials […]

Hong Kong Lawmakers Pass Waste-Charging Scheme After Years of Delay

4 Mins Read Hong Kong will finally see a waste-charging scheme come into force, after years of campaigning by the city’s green groups and delays by lawmakers. On Thursday (August 26), the Legislative Council of Hong Kong (LegCo) approved the new bill, which will require residents to pay for their rubbish—a move aimed at encouraging recycling and waste […]

Food Waste Fighting Startup Apeel Bags $250M In Temasek-Led Round

4 Mins Read Apeel, the startup whose tech enables longer-lasting fresh produce, has just bagged $250 million in a fresh funding round. The round, led by Singapore’s Temasek, will go towards Apeel’s continued expansion across Europe, the U.S. and U.K. It will also help the firm forge new partnerships with suppliers and retailers to “further stamp out food […]