Why A DNAFit Test Is THE Best Way To Choose Your Workout & Diet

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There are countless workouts out there: from powerlifting to running to yoga to Crossfit, your body can be challenged in a wide variety of ways. But what actually works? And what’s the best fit (!) for your particular physique and body? And what about on the diet front? Should you be counting calories? Is your diet too carb-heavy? The answers to all these questions lie in science, specifically the science of your DNA. The best way to optimize your diet and training routine is through DNA testing.

What Exactly Is DNA?

DNA is a molecule that carries our genetic code and determines our traits, from eye color to aspects of our personality. DNA affects how we respond to food and physical activity. While our genotypes (‘raw’ genes) are largely identical, small variations can be powerful. There is a surprising amount of variation from person to person when it comes to our phenotypes, aka how those genes are expressed through interaction with the environment. If you’ve ever wondered: Does knowing my genetic type matter? The answer is yes! Absolutely!

If you are well adapted to eat high-fat or starchy foods, then full-fat items and darker grains will nourish you better than low-fat/refined carb options. Your physique is affected by what foods make up your calories, and which movements make up your fitness plan. Armed with the results of a DNAFit test, you will have this exact information allowing you to make lasting changes for optimal performance and weight immediately.

But Can’t I Just Go See A Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers can be a vital part of your training regime.  They are fitness experts. They can show you how to execute the perfect Romanian deadlift and they can design a sensible cardio routine for you. But they can’t assess if your body is prone to injury or if you need more rest days than the next person. They can’t speak to your fat/carb sensitivity, or whether you stand to benefit more from a heavy load/low rep or a lower weight/higher rep training structure. For all this information, you need do a DNA test. Trainers are about technique and personal accountability; DNAFit tests are about hidden information.

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Not All DNA Tests Are Created Equal

Getting just any DNA test is not prudent. You need to know what kind of company you are dealing with. What gene variants are they testing for? Who makes the decisions to include them and based on what criteria? Have these findings been peer-reviewed, and is there agreement? When you take the DNAFit test, you are investing in the same company that has worked with premier league teams, Olympians, and scores of regular fitness enthusiasts to deliver gene-matched body transformation.

The company analyses 45 well-researched genes variants to guide food choice, and adjust exercise focus. DNAFit‘s success in helping elite athletes harness their DNA to accelerate results can now be enjoyed by regular consumers: their convenient test kit, which requires just a saliva sample, is used to generate personalised reports on how to eat and train. DNAFit has dedicated labs in the UK, and in-house geneticists abiding by the strictest scientific standards.

DNA Tests Help You Make Sensible Changes

To be clear, DNAFit not a hard medical diagnostic reflecting your current state of health. The DNAFit test is designed to perfect your diet/training formula- but you then need to put it into practice! While your genes will never change, your habits and lifestyle can. Why bother killing yourself at the gym and counting calories if you’re counting the wrong calories or on a spin class taking you nowhere? DNAFit reports provide key recommendations to save you time and misspent effort. However, once you are ready to make positive changes to they way you train and eat, you can optimize your choices.

What You Can Expect To Learn From A DNAFit Test

There is a great deal you immediately learn from the DNAFit results. The fascinating infographic chart provided is packed with information, such as: how well do you deal with carbs and fats? How do you respond to power versus endurance-based training (i.e. lifting vs. running)? What is your recovery speed from workouts? How quickly do you detox? Do you have a high injury risk? What is your aerobic capacity? Are you a good processor of caffeine, alcohol and other substances?

DNAFit translates 45 points of analysis into 17 easy-to-understand dietary and fitness recommendations. The DNAFit test discloses incredibly in-depth information regarding your nutritional profile: carb and saturated fat sensitivity, lactose and gluten intolerance, vitamin & mineral requirements  – and that’s just the summary page! So if you’ve ever thought to yourself: Aren’t we all the same, really, when it comes to diet and exercise?The answer is a resounding no. With your DNAFit results, you can create embark on a gene-matched diet and training program that is specific to you. It simply doesn’t get any more bespoke than that!

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