Eat Just Launches World’s First Cultured Meat Home Delivery With Foodpanda Singapore

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Eat Just, the food tech that pioneered the plant-based egg and became the first to gain regulatory approval for cultured meat, has just announced the launch of the world’s first-ever home delivery of its cell-based chicken. Partnering with Asian delivery giant Foodpanda, three new limited-edition dishes featuring Eat Just’s GOOD Meat brand of cultivated chicken will be available in Singapore on Earth Day (April 22). 

Eat Just has teamed up with Foodpanda to roll-out what is the world’s first home delivery of cultured meat dishes, the startup announced on Monday (April 19). Starting on Earth Day (April 22), three limited-edition dishes will be landing on the online food delivery platform in Singapore, all made with the food tech’s chicken that has been cultured directly from cells. 

The chef-crafted dishes that diners will be able to order include a katsu chicken curry, chicken coconut rice with pak choi, and chicken caesar salad with kale and a plant-based dressing. The dishes, prepared by 1880, will be packaged in a bamboo fibre box and delivered via e-bikes in keeping with sustainability. 1880 was the first restaurant globally and in Singapore to serve cultured meat to consumers in December 2020. 

A spokesperson for GOOD Meat has confirmed that all three dishes will be available on Foodpanda for SG$20 (US$15), excluding the delivery fee.

Singapore residents can get GOOD Meat dishes delivered to their doors starting from Earth Day.

Bringing GOOD Meat directly to the homes of people in Singapore with Foodpanda is another historically important step in our journey to build a safer, healthier food system.

Josh Tetrick, Co-Founder & CEO, Eat Just

Eat Just’s cultured meat label, GOOD Meat, says that this home delivery debut marks only the beginning of more cultured dishes being rolled out on the Foodpanda platform in the coming months. From mid-May, GOOD Meat will also be featured on Foodpanda restaurant partner JW Marriott Singapore South Beach. 

“Bringing GOOD Meat directly to the homes of people in Singapore with Foodpanda is another historically important step in our journey to build a safer, healthier food system,” commented Josh Tetrick, co-founder and CEO of Eat Just.

Jakob Angele, CEO of Foodpanda APAC, said that the partnership represents a milestone in bringing diners sustainably-produced proteins in a convenient and accessible way, starting in Singapore and hopefully in a number of other markets in the future. 

GOOD Meat Chicken Katsu Curry prepared by 1880.

“Foodpanda is thrilled to be the first platform in the world to deliver cultured meat dishes so that customers in Singapore can be the world’s first diners to enjoy them from the comforts of their home,” Angele said. “We hope to bring this to more – not just in Asia but also in every country in the world where Delivery Hero brands operate.”

Delivery Hero is the parent corporation of Foodpanda and its venture capital arm DX Ventures has invested in Eat Just. In addition to its Asian network, with Foodpanda having established a strong foothold in 12 markets in the region, the Berlin-headquartered delivery group also operates in European, Latin American, Middle Eastern and North African markets with its own platform with the same name.

The latest news from Eat Just comes on the heels of the food tech’s US$200 million financing round in March to fuel its next stage of growth, from ramping up production to doubling down R&D in both its plant-based and cell-based ventures. 

We hope to bring this to more – not just in Asia but also in every country in the world where Delivery Hero brands operate.

Jakob Angele, CEO, Foodpanda APAC
GOOD Meat dishes will be delivered in bamboo fibre boxes via Foodpanda’s e-bikes.

Over the past year, the startup has added mung bean-based egg sous vide bites to its plant-based range, managed to sell the vegan equivalent of more than 100 million eggs, and even landed on the menu of Chinese fast food giant Dicos, who became the first QSR to swap an animal-based product with its plant-based version. 

On the cell-based side, Eat Just not only made history to become the first startup to gain regulatory approval to commercialise cultured meat, but says it believes it has made a “positive step forward in increasing public awareness and enthusiasm” about the novel alternative protein and is facilitating the roadmap towards “mass adoption of cultured meat”. 

Asia will represent a core part of Eat Just’s plan to make cell-cultured proteins mainstream, with Tetrick previously signalling that Singapore will be a key base for its GOOD Meat brand. 

All images courtesy of Eat Just / Foodpanda.

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