Future Farm: Brazil Food Tech Fazenda Futuro Launches New Low Sodium ‘2030’ Plant-Based Burger

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Brazilian startup Fazenda Futuro, also known as Future Farm, has launched a new plant-based patty dubbed the Futuro Burger 2030, which is not only better tasting, but has an improved nutritional profile with lower levels of sodium and fat. Named as an ode to the 2030 deadline to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the new burger made from plants takes on animal agriculture and offers a climate-friendly alternative to beef-loving consumers. 

Fazenda Futuro has launched a new iteration of its plant-based burger, the Futuro Burger 2030, which it bills as a more realistic patty that can mimic the taste, appearance and flavour of its real animal counterpart. According to the startup, the vegan-friendly burger, made from non-GMO ingredients like pea protein, soy protein, chickpea protein, beets, canola oil and coconut fat, is also healthier than its previous version, containing a lower sodium and fat content. 

Each patty boasts 15 grams of protein per 80 gram serving, whilst only having 6.5 mg of fat and 178 mg of sodium. As well as being vegan, the burgers are also gluten-free and cholesterol free. 

The latest burger is Fazenda Futuro’s third iteration.

Futuro Burger 2030 arrives to mark a new era in the company and the plant-based market, with new technology that will allow us to update all our products.

Marcos Leta, Co-Founder, Fazenda Futuro

Speaking about the new burger’s name, Fazenda Futuro co-founder Marcos Leta, said: “We believe that changes about the consumption of animal meat are extremely necessary and urgent, that is why we created Fazenda Futuro.”

“As a food tech, we are always reinventing ourselves and looking to improve in terms of taste, sustainability, and health. We know how important these pillars are for our audience, as well as for us. Futuro Burger 2030 arrives to mark a new era in the company and the plant-based market, with new technology that will allow us to update all our products.” 

In addition to being healthier and tastier, the food tech also mentioned that the burger cooks better too, thanks to its new fat matrix, which helps keep the patty juicy and leaves “almost nothing residual in the pan”.  

The new Futuro Burger 2030 will be available to consumers in a number of supermarkets in Brazil, with more retailers across the country to stock the product in the coming months, sold for R$16 (approx US$2.81) per package

Fazenda Futuro is also launching four different burgers made with its vegan patty via food delivery in Sao Paolo.

We’d like to introduce restaurants to the idea that we can help them create a delicious plant-based menu.

Mariana Tunis, Head of Marketing, Fazenda Futuro

They are also being sold direct-to-consumers via São Paulo-based food delivery iFood, where four different flavours of burgers made with the new patty will be available, including Original, Cheddar, Arugula and Cheese Salad, with prices ranging from R$16.90 to R$19.90 (approx. US$2.97 to US$3.50).

Commenting on the decision to also offer foodservice meals, Fazenda Futuro head of marketing Mariana Tunis said in conversation with Vegconomist: “Normalising plant-based products comes with its challenges, and to make our customer’s routine easier, we’re offering the full experience, with a sandwich, side dish, beverage, and dessert. Also, we’d like to introduce restaurants to the idea that we can help them create a delicious plant-based menu.”

The launch comes a few months after the startup secured US$21.5 million in investment, which it said would go towards expanding its line of plant-based meats and speeding up the launch of its burgers, meatballs and sausages to a number of international markets. 

Since its inception in 2019, the startup has established a presence outside of Brazil in Chile, Mexico, Uruguay and the Netherlands. Concrete plans have already been announced to launch in the U.S., U.K. and Germany in the coming months, before entering Asia in the longer term. 

All images courtesy of Fazenda Futuro. 

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