The 411 On The Green Halloween Movement

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It’s that time of the year again. Pumpkins and skeletons seem to pop up everywhere. Supermarkets are pushing sweets, candies and chocolates. Party invites flood your inbox. You feel compelled to dress up in strange costumes. It’s Halloween of course. The one day a year we encourage kids to stuff their little faces with sugar-filled treats. 

In 2007, a group of Seattle, Washington mothers decided to change that. They initiated non-profit movement known as Green Halloween with the aim of re-branding popular holidays to be healthier and greener. Green Halloween spread like bush fire and went nationwide in the US the following year. By 2010, the efforts of these super-ladies meant that 1 million units of convential Halloween candy were replaced by green and healthy options! Green Queen loves the Green Halloween concept. It stands for everything that we want to promote and encourage in the world. 

Green Halloween in the US now has the support of retailers such as Whole Foods who provide aisles of Green Halloween options so parents and trick-or-treat friendly-homes can make healthier decisions. Green Halloween also encourages parents to make their children’s costumes at home or buy eco-friendly ones at the store, use non-toxic face paints and makeup, and generally adopt green holiday habits such using cards made out of recycled paper and not creating too much waste. To learn more about Green Halloween and get tips, ideas, resources and more, click here.

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