Green Queen Christmas 2017 Gift Guide: The Perfect Choice For Everyone On Your List

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As the countdown to Christmas 2017 begins, searching for gifts for your nearest and dearest can be a drag if you don’t know where to start. Fear not, we got you! Green Queen has rounded up the best holiday gift ideas to suit everyone on your list and every budget. From the gym buddy who’s always making you do squats at Tamar Park to your high school friend who’s into herbal teas to your aunt who is always banging on about the environment and for everyone in between, it’s time to get shopping! Merry, merry everyone! 

For The Fitness Fanatic

Plastic-Free HK S’well 17 oz Bottle, HKD 290

Sleek and chic, S’well bottles are synonymous with style and function. Built from non-toxic and BPA-free double-walled stainless steel, it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12, without condensation- gym bunnies will thank you for months to come. Lucky for us, Plastic-Free HK carries a fair few colors of S’well bottles for you to choose from! Added eco bonus: your fitness friends will also be eliminating single-use plastic bottles and cups from their lives.

Pure POWER PACK, HKD 1188 (early-bird price until Dec 15; HKD 1388 regular price) 

A gift of total well-being, Pure Fitness is offering a month-long pass to all Pure Fitness and Pure Yoga locations so you can test out their myriad classes. Included in this sweet deal is a HKD 200 voucher for nood food, two guest passes for friends, and a HKD 200 voucher for active wear at Pure Apparel. Valued at HKD 6000 in retail value, everyone from the gym rat to a yogi can appreciate this power gift!

DNA Fit, HKD 4,200 (with GQ discount, ‘GQ2017’, HKD 6,000 regular price)

Give your loved one the ultimate fit gift: the power to take the guesswork out of their fitness game with a DNAFit test. With one simple cheek swab, their genetic test will find out exactly what your body needs to choose the best training and diet plan based on your genes. Read more about DNAFit here, here, and here and get ready to outdo old St. Nick this holiday season.

For The Eco Warrior

Plastic-Free Foodie eZine Recipe Book, HKD 85

A global-community project aimed to protect our oceans, #plasticfreefoodie eZine Volume 1 is a collection of recipes that showcases 80 colorful and vibrant breakfast, main course, dessert (and everything in between) dishes by many inspirational food bloggers and zero waste influencers all of which can be made with ingredients that do not require singe use plastic packaging. With a mission to reduce plastic usage and build momentum to reduce all the plastic waste from our lives, your eco warrior will definitely appreciate this thoughtful gift!

NO!W No Waste Zero Waste Christmas Kit, HKD 390

To get your friends and loved ones started living a zero waste life, NO!W No Waste has curated a fab essentials kit to jumpstart their eco-friendly journey. With an array of bathroom and kitchen necessities in the mix, we hope these simple lifestyle adjustments can blend into the new year🤞

TREE Recycled Glass Lanai Vase Collection, HKD 795

Sustainable and stylish, this vibrant hued vase from our favorite homeware store, TREE, is crafted from handblown recycled glass using a blend of artisanal techniques that would be perfect atop a bedside table or filled with fresh cut flowers in your dining room.

For The Health Fiend

Zippysparkles You Were Meant to Sparkle Gift Set, HKD 235

For your hippie friend who loves to soak in hot baths and binge watch Stranger Things, this wellness gift setby local tea purveyor Zippysparkles, You Were Meant To Sparkle includes an invigorating blend of botanical teas along with homemade bath salts made with pure lavender essential oils, dried sage, and a raw cut amethyst crystal.

Boca Blu Blue Light Blockers, HKD 617

The ideal stocking stuffer for those who spend a lot of their time in front of screens, Boca Blu is a global leader in blue light blocking glasses. With lenses made from CR-39 material and chic Italian designs, they help reduce screen glare and offer improved contrast, clarity and color perception – in addition to what they’re built for, to protect again blurred vision and eye strain. Available in a variety of shapes and styles, computer eyewear has never looked so good.

Wynd Portable Air Purifier, HKD 1,560

This pint-sized powerhouse is one of the smartest air purifier for your personal space. Created by a former tech investor and MIT-grad, Wynd works by creating a bubble of clean air around your vicinity. The size of a water bottle and weighs less than a pound, this portable air purifier is the best holiday gift to anyone who wants to breathe cleaner air. For more deets, see our full WYND review here.

For The Holistic Mama

Cocoparadise Coco-Christmas Bundle, HKD 198

A guilt-free treat full of gluten-free, sans refined sugar goodness, Cocoparadise’s Coco-Christmas Bundle is the perfect gift for the mama with the sweet tooth she can’t quit. Filled with treats especially crafted for the holidays like coco-cinnamon almond bites (yum!) and a dark chocolate raspberry-pistachios coco-matcha block as well as their bestselling snacks, these bite-sized nibbles will not put a damper on anyone’s holiday spirit!

Coconut Matter Wondercare Gold Christmas Gift Set, HKD 430

For the mama who deserves a bit more R&R in her life, Coconut Matter’s Wondercare Gold is a gift of great skin from head to toe. Their eco-friendly set with a zero-waste ethos consists of wild virgin coconut oil to nourish skin, hair and lashes, omega-rich clear Wonderbalm Intensive Care lip balm for the winter winds, moisturizing coconut oil soap and a hand and cuticle balm with a tropical scent that could transport you to an island holiday.

The Wanderess x Rumi Truthful Conscious Beauty Box, HKD 765

Perfect for mama on-the-go, the Truthful Conscious Beauty Box by RUMI X and Wanderess Beauty eco-gift set is just what she needs! An indulgence in self-love and holistic wellness, the beauty box includes a pair of RUMI X Truth leggings (eco-friendly, high-impact, and super soft!), an eco bag, plus six travel-sized 100% natural, non-toxic, high performing and ethical, beauty and wellness products by three green beauty brands for all your beauty routines.

Images courtesy of Pexels, S’well, Freepik, DNAFit, Plastic Free Foodie, NO!W No Waste, TREE, Zippysparkles, Boca Blu, Wynd, Cocoparadise, and The Wanderess x Rumi.