Green Queen Living: 8 Green Queen New Year Resolutions for 2014

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1. Recycle, Recycle, Recycle 

Absolutely no excuses. Talk to your building, train your helper and kids, contact HK Recycles– for HK 25 a month, they will pick up your recycling every week and give you categorized bags. 

2. Visit a farmers market once a month

Island East Markets, Star Ferry Farmers Market, Tuen Mun Farmers Market– Hong Kong is now full of options! Support the local farming community and enjoy the family friendly vibe. Make it a Sunday fun day with interesting artisanal products. 

3. Adopt Green Mondays

Being vegetarian one day a week saves 84, 000 gallons of water. Green Monday is Hong Kong’s very own meatless monday campaign. The social enterprise works tirelessly with the local F&B industry to encourage diners to choose vegetarian options on Mondays. Over 800 restaurants and catering services have Green Monday menus, including the Hong Kong International Airport F&B outlets! Make sure to support their awesome initiative. 

4. Use Public Transport

This one’s easy. Taxis are so plentiful in Hong Kong that most of us get pretty lazy. If you can’t walk it (and with this gorgeous crisp winter air, why not walk it!) then choose a tram or a bus or a minibus or the MTR. This city boasts one of the best public transport systems  in the world-it’s clean, it’s reliable and it’s cheap. Use it! The HK Government has various apps to help you find your way no matter where you are and where you want to go. 

 5. Give people experiential gifts

Instead of more unnecessary stuff, veggie delivery at Eat Fresh? Juice cleanse at The Genie Concept? Organic facial at Sparadise

 6. Hike

This urban jungle exists amidst jungly mountains filled with a wide range of hikes- there are trails for every level of fitness and for every interest- beach walks, uphill climbs, scenic routes, urban paths. Get your family and friends involved and do a different one every month- good for everyone. 

7. Contribute

Give back! Raise money, volunteer, visit an old people’s home- there are so many charity to choose from. We have the most comprehensive list for you right here.

8. Support local businesses

Homegrown brands are popping up all over the place. Green Queen can’t get enough and neither should you. The amount of handmade , homegrown, homemade, locally made, artisanal stuff that’s around is a testament to the power of Hong Kong’s unstoppable spirit of change. Use our Green Queen Guide to Hong Kong to find local choices for everything!


Green Queen wishes  you a 2014 filled with joy, good health and lots of green! See you on the other side!








photo credit: covs97 via photopin cc

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