Hong Kong Healthy Dining News Summer 2017: Freshly Made Salad Delivery, New Organic Cafe, Korean Vegan Food & More

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Scientist Mia Williams Launches Tizzy Shots, All Natural Wondershots Packed With Antioxidants, Bioactive Ingredients And Flavour

Tizzy Shots is a family of small, but mighty ginger shots. A spicy hit of ginger is accompanied by a healthful blend of organic ingredients such as turmeric and charcoal. The pocket sized elixir can be likened to a natural espresso for your mind and body – a zingy shot with a fiery kick that boosts immunity, decreases inflammation and alkalizes your body. With sustainably sourced ingredients and personal relationships with farmers, Tizzy Shots cares about your health as well as that of the earth.

In Collaboration With Green Monday, Korean Bistro THE JOOMAK Creates Extensive Fully Vegan Gourmet Korean Menu 

Korean Bistro The Joomak goes all out with their Green Monday collaboration. The Seoul import showcases an array of plant-based Korean disheat their Harbour City restaurant  like Kale Jeon Pancake, Spicy Vegan Tteok Bboki, Vegan Beef Fried Rice, Vegan Beef Bibimnap, Korean Ginseng Chia Pudding as well as quinoa salads and green juices to complement the more traditional dishes. Definitely worth a visit!
Saucy Platter, A Small Batch Cream Cheese Company Made In Hong Kong Is Focused On Freshness And Flavour
Saucy Platter is a small-batch maker of cream cheese, the good old fashioned way, right here in Hong Kong. Our cream cheeses are handmade with live active cultures, and ripened over several hours for the aromas to develop organically. Whether it’s plain cream, or one of our naturally flavoured cream cheeses, you can taste the simple and buttery freshness that additive-loaded supermarket brands lack!
The Cakery Opens Cafe & Coffee Shop In Landmark Serving Organic, Gluten-Free Menu With Sandwiches, Salads & Baked Goodies
The Cakery caters to today’s health-conscious consumer. We bake our cupcakes with only natural, nutrient-rich ingredients, and offer a wide range of baked goods. In our brand new cafe in the Landmark Atrium, we offer an array of healthy savoury food with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or non-vegetarian options.
Beef & Liberty Introduces Leaves & Liberty, A New Veggie-Forward Menu Including A Partnership With The Nature Conservancy
Beef & Liberty is stepping up its game by introducing a valuable new addition to its menu— Leaves & Liberty. Making its way to all restaurants on the new a la carte menu, the all-vegetarian concept showcases Beef & Liberty’s collection of salads, and a vegetarian burger that packs the same amount of flavourful punch as its meaty counterparts. PLUS: By simply ordering Leaves & Liberty’s signature Falafel Hamburger (HK$98), a 100% vegetarian burger made with homemade falafel, ample harissa yoghurt, lettuce, tomato, tahini sauce and lemon juice, HK$8 will be donated per burger to The Nature Conservancy to support their conservation projects in Asia Pacific region.
The Best Kept Secret In The CrossFit Community? FITAID’s Pre & Post Workout Supplement Drink
FITAID is NOT an energy drink! FITAID is the perfect pre and post workout supplement product. If you are dragging pre workout, FITAID contains B complex, Green Tea Leaf extract, and Quercetin for a natural pick me up without getting you all jittery.If you are looking for recovery after your workout FITAID has branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Glucosamine, Turmeric, CoQ10, and raw organic agave to accommodate the glycogen window and provide your body with complete and clean recovery.
The Wellness Cooking School By The Founder of Choice Healthy Foods Looks To Teach Everyone To Cook Whole Foods
The classes are constructed to show just how convenient it can be to make healthy, nutritious and delish foods by demonstrating quick and easy techniques and practices of healthy food preparation. Regardless of how much cooking experience you have, you will be able to prepare healthy foods that taste good without taking too much of a bite out of your day.
Just Launched Salad Delivery Service Munchtastic Serves Up Sexy Green Direct From Local Organic Farms
Our mission is to deliver the freshest and the crunchiest salad from our partnering farms to your dining table within 48 hours. All of our local supplying farms are HKORC certified; the fertilizer they used and where they have purchased theirs seeds can be made transparent and traceable to YOU!
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