Looking For Someone Just Like You? We Have The Answer

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It’s hard to find the right person. It’s even harder when it seems like the world world is one giant hook-up pool. But there are people out there who are looking for that special someone, who want to build a healthy relationship and who would love to meet a soulmate with similar interests. Luckily, we’ve found the ideal #lifehack- enter The Inner Circle. The Inner Circle launched in 2013 when the founders realized there was a gap in the market for a dating app that matched like-minded people who were more interested in a relationship over a ‘hook-up’, focusing on those who were keen to connect with people who enjoy the same pastimes. 

The Inner Circle prioritizes quality over quantity, introducing you to people around you with similar interests and backgrounds, and who hang out at the same places you do! In order to create this community of high-calibre individuals each new member is screened by a team of real people, trumping any dating algorithm. The app has a feature we especially love: going a step further than basic compatibility, it allows you to search your favorite locations and see who else on The Inner Circle hangs out there, thereby transforming online dating into a more real-life, organic situation. Looking for a fellow gym bunny or a vegan mate? Want to meet someone who prioritizes wellness in their daily life? The Inner Circle is for you

Although The Inner Circle features many elite users around the world including top founders & CEOs, the app is far from elitist. Inner Circle members are real, inspiring and ambitious humans looking to meet the partner of their dreams. Who amongst us singles doesn’t want to find true, compatible love? The Inner Circle app is currently live in London, Paris and New York and we are excited to announce that is now available in Hong Kong!

Find someone who is looking for more: sign up to The Inner Circle for free today.

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