Israeli Startup YO-Egg Creates Sunny-Side-Up Vegan Egg Sans Chickens

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YO-Egg has developed an alternative egg substitute made out of 100% plant-based, proprietary and patent-pending ingredients, which it claims offers the same nutrition as traditional eggs.

The chicken-free egg alternative space is getting crowded but Israel-based YO-Egg is a worthy new entrant: their vegan consists of two components – the white part which contains a liquid blend of several ingredients that it claims holds all the nutrients that are present in animal-based eggs. For the yolk, a molecular process has been employed with both these formulations waiting for patent approval.

The egg can be incorporated in a wide variety of dishes across multiple cuisines and styles. The certified vegan egg is free of egg-associated pathogens such as salmonella and has zero cholesterol.

The company shares the news on it LinkedIn page: “As part of the global trend to develop plant-based versions of animal-based foods, we have decided to surprise the world with a certified vegan version of the sunny-side-up egg! Yo! perfectly simulates the sunny-side-up egg we all love, with all its distinct advantages and without the disadvantages, with appearance, touch, taste and the amount of protein and nutritional values very similar to that of a chicken egg.”

Earlier this month, company founder Yosefa Ben Cohen was selected as a finalist in the 2021 AgriFood Women’s Entrepreneurship Competition for her alternative egg innovation.

Yo-Egg plans to make its sunny-side-up egg available across institutional markets, cafes, restaurants, caterers, banquet halls and hotels in Israel with plans to expand in Europe starting with the U.K.

As part of the global trend to develop plant-based versions of animal-based foods, we have decided to surprise the world with a certified vegan version of the sunny-side-up egg


The global traditional egg market is worth US$227 billion and several companies like YO-Egg are looking to disrupt this figure with vegan alternatives. Another Israeli food tech SavorEat which is focused on creating vegan meats through 3D-printing technology has set up a subsidiary venture Egg’n’up which is dedicated to developing plant-based eggs with help from Millennium Food-Tech.

Other companies in this domain include pioneer San Francisco-based Eat Just whose egg offerings have been expanded by Taiwanese restaurant Din Tai Fung across its chain outlets in the U.S., Indian-based Evo Foods which raised US$845K to launch its eggs in India, Singapore-based Float Foods which closed a US$1.6M round for its substitues and French startup Les Merveilloeufs.

Lead image courtesy of YO-Egg.

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