Our September Roundup: What We’re Crushing On This Month – The Latest In Wellness

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With so many new products on the market Green Queen knows the choices can be almost overwhelming these days. But wellness-istas, no need to worry as Green Queen has pulled together this month’s hottest new products. All of these will help you either look or feel like the very picture of health you always knew you were!

Organic Berry Baobab Protein Smoothie Blend

Moxo Organics founder Corinne is a lawyer turned health coach who has just launched her line of signature gluten-free, vegan, sugar-free protein powder smoothie blends- she mixes superfoods and plant-based protein powder so that you can just pour and go on busy mornings whilst getting the boost you need. Especially awesome is her berry baobao blend- remember a couple of months ago when we told you baobab was going to be everywhere? You heard it here first!

HKD 240 for a 250 gram pack, order at www.moxoliving.com.

August 2016 Update: Moxo Living is currently not taking any orders. 

Nut & Co’s Creamy Nut 100% Organic Hand-Pressed Almond Milk

Nut & Co makes fresh, hand-pressed unpasteurized organic almond milk. While you can make your own, not everyone has time and sourcing quality almonds isn’t easy. They promise 100% raw, organic soaked & sprouted almond milk made with nothing but organic almonds, filtered water and pink Himalayan salt for their Straight Nut option- all in family-friendly sizing. The Creamy Nut option that we love has added organic date and vanilla- yummo! They are eco-minded too- their bottles are totally recycable. Plus- they also do a wonderful organic granola made from pecans, oats, vanilla and maple syrup.

HKD 65 for 750 ml. Order at http://nutandco.com/.

Greenberry’s Wellness Snack Box

Greenberry is a brand new box of healthy goodness: organic, non-GMO snacks, teas, bars, drinks- everything you need to feel indulged whilst remaining nourished- great for the office. You can try one month or do a subscription. Adults can go for the Wellness box but they also have a Darlings designed for getting kids started with healthy habits.

HKD 228 for a one month trial box. Order at www.greenberry.com.hk.

Soapnut Republic’s Floor Cleaner w/Eucalyptus Essential Oil

The entire range of Soapnut Republic‘s cleaning products relies on the ancient and powerful soapnut berry to clean your home from top to bottom-the Ozzie and Kiwi founder couple started the brand in Shanghai when they could not find eco-friendly products to clean their home. The brand has just become available in Hong Kong (and just won Best New Natural Living Product Award at the Hong Kong NOPA show last month) Did you know that soapnuts, which are related to lychees, have been used for thousands of years in Asia as a cleaning product because of the special properties of the seeds, which act as a natural soap. The soapnut extract is what gives their Floor Cleaner with Eucalyptus essential oil the power to cut through all your household grime, and eucalyptus is a natural way to kill germs, while still being safe for every floor in house as well as everyone who live in it.

HKD 108 for 1 litre bottle,  order at www.soapnutrepublic.com


Coconut Matter’s FREE Odourless Coconut Oil

Coconut Matter was borne out of founder Diane Tan Van Zwannberg’s desire to share the wildest, purest coconut oil in the world with everyone she knew! Sourced from coconut trees in paradise-like Solomon Islands, the oil may outshine all other brands soon! We especially appreciate the odourless version as coconut oil’s strong scent can be overpowering. Coconut Matter has gorgeous packaging too- and every jar comes with a handy booklet full of ideas on how to use it in every room in the house-from kitchen to bathroom to living room! So helpful!

HKD for 160 for 500ml, order at www.coconutmatter.com.


Everyday Shea Fair Trade Shea Butter In Passion Fruit

Evertoll/ Natural Every Day HK‘s founder was desperate for a solution to his eczema. He tried product after product until he discovered African fairtrade shea butter line Everyday Shea– he finally could stop scratching. He immediately signed on as their Hong Kong distributor, and now you can enjoy these wonderful products. We have just discovered the passion fruit shea butter and we find ourselves constantly smearing it on our dry bits. The stuff works miracles. Not to mention the communities it bolsters!

HKD 138 for 312 grams jar, order at www.edsskincare.com.


Photo Credits: Moxo Organics, Nut & Co., Greenberry, Soapnut Republic, Coconut Matters, and Evertoll/ Natural Every Day HK.