Green Queen Giving: Animals Asia Foundation

3 Mins Read This month we spent some time getting to know the Animals Asia Foundation and the work they do to help protect our animal friends.   How was Animals Asia Foundation started? Animals Asia was founded by Jill Robinson, MBE in 1998 – five years after an encounter with a caged bear on a farm in southern China […]

Green Queen Foodie: Fish & Meat – Farm to Table Pioneer

5 Mins Read What is the farm to table concept? In the most basic sense,  it’s about eating locally: growing your own produce then cooking it at home.  Or if you are a restaurant, connecting your clients with locally-sourced produce and artisan producers. Sourcing is key: finding the finest ingredients both regionally and from around the world whilst […]

Why You Should Avoid Canned Foods

2 Mins Read Food has been preserved in cans for nearly 200 years, and its popularity has never ceased to increase. What could be more convenient than opening a can of soup for a quick meal? Well, there’s a dark and dirty secret about metal cans that has been emerging and it may make you think twice before […]

Green Queen Recommends: Healthy Cooking Classes in Hong Kong

5 Mins Read Want to eat more vegetarian food but out of inspiration? Heard about kefir but have no idea how to make it? Dying to stock your fridge with homemade raw chocolate? Wish you knew how to make your own yoghurt? Desperate to bake some gluten free bread? Turns out Hong Kong has so much to offer […]

Green Queen Living: The Definitive Guide to Rice

4 Mins Read Rice is a staple across much of the world, especially in Asian countries like China, Japan, India, the Philippines and Korea, where most people don’t go a day without eating rice during one of their meals. But how much do we really know about the many different types of rice? It can be confusing to figure out […]

DIY Eco Air Fresheners Ideas For Everyone

3 Mins Read Air fresheners have become a household staple over the past few years with over 75% of homes using some form of them. We have become unusually obsessed with the way things smell, and the air freshener industry has greatly profited! Air fresheners come in many different forms, from air and fabric sprays to plug in […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 6 – Triclosan

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Triclosan is a phenol chemical derived from chlorine. Most commonly used in consumer products as an antibacterial agent, triclosan is a regulated pesticide. Manufacturers add it to everything to prevent bacterial contamination in their products. What Is It Used In? Most commonly used in liquid hand washes […]

The Perfect Homemade Yoghurt Recipe – Get It Right Every Time

4 Mins Read Making yogurt at home is not as hard as people might think. As recent as a month ago, my desire to make yogurt was magnified. Why? With inflated prices of yogurt in Hong Kong ranging from $80 – $150 HKD for a litre or less, it can make an everyday staple unaffordable or a ‘luxury’. […]

Green Queen Heroes: Christina Dean of Redress

4 Mins Read Christina Dean has literally changed the fashion landscape in Hong Kong. In a city where fast fashion and consumerism run deep, she has proven that what’s old can be chic and what’s green can be trendy. She proved that clothes shopping is optional when she embarked on her one year challenge to only wear used […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 5 – Carmine

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Carmine, also called cochineal, comes from the skin of female cochineal beetles. These insects are mostly found in Mexico and other parts of South America. Once they have been killed, the beetles are dried and then crushed- from this, carminic acid is extracted. This acid is used […]

Green Queen Foodie: Kombucha Making 101 with Chef Shima of Sesame Kitchen

5 Mins Read Even if you only just occasionally glance at the news once every few weeks, the term probiotics must be somewhat familiar to you. And you probably also know that good gut health is kind of important. Probiotics = healthy digestive system. You also know that taking supplement pills is so passé and everyone and their mom […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 4 – Propylene Glycol

2 Mins Read What Is It and Why Is It Used? Propylene glycol is an alcohol-based industrial grade solvent used mostly as a ‘wetting’ agent. It helps makes products more fluid, and easy to spread on (your body). It is most notorious for its usage in anti-freeze; the exact same formulation is also used in personal care products. […]

Green Queen Recommends: HK’s Most Eco-Friendly Toy Shops & Brands

4 Mins Read Kids need safe toys, that are made to inspire and educate them physically and mentally. In Hong Kong, where cheap plastic toys are sold on every corner, it can be hard to find sustainably-made, non-toxic eco toys that are designed with future geniuses in mind! Below we have the full roundup for all of you […]

How To Detox Every Day – Easy Tips Everyone Can Follow

4 Mins Read Almost everyday I get asked: “If I should do just one thing to be healthy, what should it be?”Each month, I send you one of my answers. We love to detox – a juice cleanse, the maple syrup diet & cabbage soup diet (urgh); you name it, we will go to any lengths to ‘kick start’ […]

Eco Insights: Toxic Beauty Series Part 3 – Phthalates

3 Mins Read We have touched upon sulfates and parabens already- so many more to go! In today’s post we look at phthalates– so hard to pronounce and so tough for your poor little body to handle. This one’s pretty vicious. What Is It and Why Is It Used? Phthalates or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used asplasticizers (substances added […]

Do It At Home; Five Gorgeous Raw Cold Pressed Juice Recipes

2 Mins Read In her final Green Queen Post, uber nutritonist Karin Reiter of Nutritious & Delicious shares these refreshing, flavorful & cleansing raw cold pressed juice recipes. Make sure to choose the freshest produce, soak it thoroughly (scrub the skins with a brush) and ideally use a hydraulic juice press to get the most nutritious bang for […]