Sustainable Texting? Green Queen’s Climate Conscious Emoji Guide

4 Mins Read

Emojispeak totally count as a language on its own nowadays. But using the laughing face or the red heart emoji is so 2016. It’s 2022, time to upgrade your emojis the sustainable way.

PSA: it’s now officially cool to be sustainable! So start using these climate-friendly emojis to proudly showcase how environmentally conscious you are.


Known as seedling or sprout, now the universal symbol for the plant-based movement. Often used in Instagram bios to symbolise veganism.

Green Salad

With the hard-boiled egg removed in 2018, the green salad emoji is now vegan friendly. We’d pick the salad over a carbon heavy meal anytime.

Anxious Face With Sweat

Is global warming making you sweat? Suffering from eco-anxiety? We’re sweating too. Use this emoji consciously to tell your friends about global warming.


This beautiful floret of broccoli contains more protein per calorie than steak! Use broccoli consciously to promote a low carbon footprint plant-based diet!


Also known as globe, this emoji is meant for use in any eco-friendly discussion related to saving our planet!


Remind your friends to save our oceans, coastlines, and landfills from becoming polluted by reducing waste.

Takeaway Box

Is your friend still not on that BYOB trend? Send her an intervention text with this takeaway box emoji.

Riding A Bicycle

Use this emoji consciously to encourage more people to choose carbon-friendly ways to travel.

Cup With Straw

Use the cup with straw emoji consciously to make sure no one forgets their reusable cup or mug on your next coffee date.

Green Heart

Known as jealous heart, this emoji is consciously used to represent living a low-waste, plastic-free and planet-friendly impact life.

Recycling Symbol

What an eco-friendly lifestyle is all about! Use this emoji to pressure your friends to fight global waste pollution and reduce, reuse and recycle!

Evergreen Tree

Trees absorb greenhouse gases from the air, helping to keep rising temperatures down. Use the evergreen tree emoji to plead with others to save our rainforests!

Person Gesturing No

This emoji is intended for conscious use in response to anything that isn’t sustainable. The perfect response to someone offering you a plastic straw.

Chart Increasing

Otherwise known as positive chart, this emoji is to be used to reference responsible long-term investment.


Use the parcel or delivery box to talk about the carbon footprint generated by deliveries.

Matcha Green Tea

Being so eco-aware can be tiring, so sometimes, sitting down with a cup of matcha green tea is what you need.

Shopping Bags

Remind single-use bag users that reusable is way cooler with this emoji!


Officially the movie or film emoji, this symbol can be used consciously to set up a group climate documentary Netflix sesh.

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash.