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Time To Act Now – Why Compassion Counts

7 Mins Read Jill Robinson, the founder and CEO of animal welfare charity Animals Asia writes passionately about how Covid-19 has exposed humanity’s crimes against animals why moving forward, the modern world must change its ways. As the number of people tragically succumbing to Covid-19 grows across the world, we are left reeling with the terrible consequences of […]

Alarm As Chinese Health Authorities Promote Bear Bile To Treat Coronavirus

4 Mins Read In a list of treatments for coronavirus just published by the Chinese National Health Commission, the authorities recommended taking injections that contain bear bile powder. The health advice contradicts the government’s decision to permanently ban the trade and consumption of wild animals less than a month ago. Conservationists are pointing to not only the cruel […]

6 Ways To Help The Community During The Coronavirus Pandemic

3 Mins Read As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, much of our daily lives and routines have been changed dramatically. Everyone has been affected from business owners to the elderly, gig workers and vulnerable people with chronic diseases. For those of us who are lucky enough to work from home and go about practicing social distancing without […]

11 Ways To Not Feel Bored When You’re Stuck At Home During Covid-19

3 Mins Read We’re all practicing social distancing right now, which is sensible given that there is a coronavirus pandemic. At the time of writing, Covid-19 has already infected almost 250,000 people and killed over 10,000 people globally, making it pretty vital that we take all the precautions we can to prevent it from spreading and to be […]

The Corona Connection: Forest Loss Drives Viruses As Well As Climate Change

4 Mins Read By: Covering Climate Now The same forest destruction that accelerates climate change can also encourage the emergence of diseases such as the coronavirus, Indigenous Peoples’ leaders said March 13 in New York, as they criticized Cargill and other multinational companies for replacing forests with soy, palm and cattle plantations. “The coronavirus is now telling the […]

Coronavirus Shows Us Rapid Global Response To Climate Change Is Possible

3 Mins Read By: Jamie Margolin In this op-ed, a Zero Hour co-founder says we should treat both crises like the emergencies they are. You know that gnawing feeling of “oh, God, we’re in the midst of something horrible” you have because of the coronavirus? Are you looking around at this crisis sweeping across the world and feeling helpless because […]

Should You Quit Reusables Because Of Coronavirus? It’s Complicated

5 Mins Read Amid the current coronavirus pandemic, there seems to be fear around the use of reusable products. Many companies are now temporarily banning the use of reusables as a “precautionary” measure. In this Green Queen in-depth feature, we explore the question of whether anti-reusable measures are warranted, or even effective, when it comes to preventing the […]

Social Distancing 101 During Covid-19: What Does It Mean & How Do You Do It?

5 Mins Read The world is in the middle of a deadly coronavirus pandemic, which has already taken the lives of nearly 9,000 and infected more 218,000 globally, at the time of writing. To slow down the spread of Covid-19, many governments and health authorities have issued advice to practice social distancing as an effective precautionary and preventive […]

Sustainable Certification Body WSO Launches Online Audits To Curb Emissions Amid Coronavirus

3 Mins Read World Sustainability Organisation (WSO), the NGO behind the leading global sustainability certification standards Friend of the Earth and Friend of the Sea, has just created a new auditing format that is entirely online. Prompted by the health concerns of auditors during the current coronavirus pandemic, the body has created the Sustainable Augmented Reality Audit (SARA), […]

#LearnFromHome: Complete Guide To Free Online Education Resources

5 Mins Read As a part of measures to control the spread of the current coronavirus pandemic, schools around the world have been shuttered. At least 56 countries have shut down schools nationwide with an additional 17 states imposing localised closures. In Hong Kong, schools have been shut since January. While these policies have been implemented necessarily with […]

7 Work From Home Tips During The Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Mins Read We are in the middle of the current coronavirus pandemic. At the time of writing, Covid-19 is fast reaching 170,000 cases and the death toll has surpassed 6,500 globally. Some of us (who are lucky enough to!) have either been given the flexibility or been asked to adopt working from home in order to prevent […]

IEA: Coronavirus May Hamper Clean Energy Transition & Climate Action

3 Mins Read The coronavirus pandemic might lead to a decline in carbon emissions in the short-term, but may pose a threat to long-term climate action as it will also undermine clean energy investment. The warning, made by global energy watchdog the International Energy Agency (IEA), calls on governments to prevent this from happening by using green investments […]

BREAKING: WHO Declares Coronavirus Global Pandemic

3 Mins Read The United Nations health agency, the World Health Organisation (WHO), has just declared the Covid-19 coronavirus a pandemic in an announcement on Wednesday. Speaking at a press conference in Geneva, the WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that countries must “double down” on efforts to halt the spread of the coronavirus.  On Wednesday, the WHO […]

Trend Forecaster Li Edelkoort: Coronavirus Offers Planet Chance For Restart

3 Mins Read The coronavirus outbreak, now declared a global pandemic, will eventually enable humanity to reset its values for the benefit of the planet, said top trend forecaster Li Edelkoort. In an interview with Dezeen, Edelkoort said that the coronavirus is now causing a “quarantine of consumption” that will usher in a “better system” for the environment […]

Vietnam To Take Action On Illegal Wildlife Trade Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

3 Mins Read Vietnam is preparing to ban the trade of wildlife and tighten measures on the illegal trade after a number of conservationist groups called on authorities to take action against the cruel industry. It comes as the world is battling the coronavirus outbreak, which has renewed global attention on not only the inhumane and environmentally damaging […]