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Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Wellness Returns To Breath

2 Mins Read Gimmicks be gone! We predict that 2020 will see a return to basics across the wellness space, with the trend being defined by breath. Namely, the importance of good breathing. From hot yoga to dog yoga, mindfulness to meditation, there’s been no shortage of fads and concepts across the wellness space. But many of us […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: The Rise Of Media You Can Trust

2 Mins Read 2020 will be the year that fake news finally finds itself in crisis. In line with the general sentiment in favour of authenticity, we’re set to see people turning their heads to trustworthy media platforms that offer transparent and credible information.  In the past years, we’ve seen alongside the widespread accessibility of social media usher […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Seafood As We Know It Is Dead

2 Mins Read 2020 is the year where seafood as we know it will be dead, primarily due to heightened concerns about not only the environmental impact of consuming fish and other seafood, with health and ethical concerns playing a part too. More people will wake up to the fact that in the midst of our ecological crisis, […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Widespread Eco-Anxiety

2 Mins Read The American Psychological Association (APA) defined eco-anxiety in 2017 as a “chronic fear of environmental doom,” and 3 years on, we’re going to see the number of sufferers spike, and spike big time.  2019 saw the climate crisis pushed right up the world agenda. Just to list a few key data points: we saw millions […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Nature-Based Fitness Takes Over

2 Mins Read After years of every fitness trend under the sun, the industry is set for a serious U-turn, back to nature. Fitness enthusiasts of today are looking for more than just optimising their physical bodies, they are seeking deeper connection and meaning from their daily workout. Our prediction for 2020: fitness will go outdoors. You might […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: The Explosion Of Sustainable Fashion

2 Mins Read As if it hasn’t already made multiple headlines in 2019, sustainable fashion is going to explode this year. Just like inclusivity is not something that brands can afford ignore, sustainability is something companies will no longer be able to skirt around (!). If you think back to a early 2018, when plastic-free living and the […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Say Hello To Cultivated Everything – The Rise Of Slaughter-Free

2 Mins Read We’ve got two words: cultivated everything. Sure, we’ve been keeping you up to date on cultivated shrimp to lab-grown steak. And that trend will continue- expect loads more slaughter-free food made from cells. But we’re talking about everything from cultivated lab-grown breast milk, to lab-grown textiles. The space is booming with innovation – last year […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Plant-Based Goes Mass, Affordable & Accessible

2 Mins Read Plant-based food is going to be increasingly accessible and affordable in 2020. With more people hopping on the now super trendy vegan trend, and a never-ending range of plant-based startups dishing out delicious alternatives from dairy-free cheeses, milks and yogurts to meat analogues like beef patties and pork sausages, we’re likely to see more competitive […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: The Smartification & Personalisation Of Food

2 Mins Read Forget personalised meal delivery, in the future, you will be 3-D printing your bio-bespoke dinner at your favourite restaurant. That’s right, everything on your plate is about to get much ‘smarter.’ With more and more research revealing the extent to which individuals are different from each other, from our response to foods to our unique […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: Climate Resistant Crops Are The Future Of Food

2 Mins Read Our global food system is in dire straights. Not only are experts suggesting that by 2050, our agricultural infrastructure cannot guarantee healthy and nutritionally balanced diets for the projected global population of 10 billion, food insecurity issues will only get worse as our climate crisis continues to escalate. Some of our favourite food staples are […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: The Quest For Cleaner, Safer Air

3 Mins Read In 2020, the world will go on a quest for cleaner air because we’re so much more aware about the health impact of air pollution. The past few decades of industrialisation have resulted in smog and haze become the norm in many cities across the globe, as we have collectively spewed out pollutants in the […]

Green Queen 2020 Trend Predictions: The Greenification Of Swag

2 Mins Read “Swag” or “Stuff We All Get” are literally the freebies that companies giveaway as a means of promoting their brand. So yes, they are those pesky pens, note pads, tote bags, hoodies, jackets, USBs, folders with plastered on corporate logos and eye-roll inducing mottos. In 2020, we predict that the content of swag will change. […]