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Dangerous Air Pollutants Continue To Rise In Indian & U.K. Cities, New Study Finds

3 Mins Read In a new study led by the University of Birmingham and UCL, along with an international team of contributors from Belgium, India, Jamaica, and the U.K., researchers found that the levels of hazardous air pollutants in cities in India and U.K. are on the rise, by utilizing observations from instruments on satellites that assess the world’s skies on a daily basis. To conduct this […]

#Bye2019 – What We Learned This Year About Plastic & Pollution

2 Mins Read Our world is becoming more polluted than ever before, whether it is about our soil, land, air or water. Here are 8 key studies that taught us a bit more about the pollution we’ve caused our planet, and what that pollution is doing to us. 1. Air Pollution Nanoparticles Linked To Brain Cancer In a […]