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Nike Could Soon Be Making Regenerative Sneakers Using AirCarbon

3 Mins Read Iconic Nike sneakers could soon be made out of a regenerative material that actually captures more emissions than it needs to be produced. Partnering with Californian biotech Newlight Technologies, the sportswear giant is now exploring the use of AirCarbon to replace plastic and leather materials in everything from bags and wallets—and maybe even Air Force […]

AirCarbon: This Regenerative BioMaterial Replaces Plastic & Captures More Emissions Than It Takes To Make It

4 Mins Read When Newlight Technologies was first set up, they didn’t know that this biomaterial could be possible. Simply put, their science didn’t exist. After a decade of research and development, the company has created AirCarbon – a certified carbon negative material that actually captures more greenhouse gas emissions than it emits into the atmosphere. This milestone, […]