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McKinsey Partners Pen Op-Ed To CEOs: Get Ready For Climate Change!

2 Mins Read Two senior McKinsey employees have penned a commentary published on Fortune addressing CEOs from around the world and warning them about the risk of climate change to their business. Dickon Pinner and Kevin Sneader’s message to companies is loud and clear – businesses can no longer treat climate change as a far-off threat, and must […]

Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 4 – Nuclear Energy

3 Mins Read Of all the alternative energy controversies, nothing gets people so riled up as nuclear energy. Those who believe in it are staunch defenders and those against consider it totally unfathomable. We take on everyone’s points below.    Nuclear Energy: Definition   Nuclear energy, also knows as atomic energy, is the energy produced by nuclear fission; […]

Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 2 – Wind Power

2 Mins Read This week, we tackle the basics of wind power and what you need to know about this growing industry. As with solar power, there is a lot to consider.  Wind Power 101 Wind power is the process of harnessing the energy generated by wind. This is done by installing wind turbines in geographically windy areas. […]

Eco Insights: Alternative Energy Series Part 1- Solar Power

2 Mins Read In our latest Eco Insights series, we cover the main types of alternative energy. We start with the most ubiquitous: solar power.  Solar Energy 101 Solar power (also known as solar energy, the two terms are equivalent) is defined as using the sun’s solar radiation, also know as electro-magnetic energy and composed of both light […]