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Parts of The Amazon Rainforest Are Being Sold Illegally Via Facebook Ads, BBC Investigation Finds

4 Mins Read According to an investigation conducted by the BBC, driven by Brazil’s cattle ranching industry, the Amazon rainforest plots are being sold via Facebook marketplace ads with some of these parts as large as 1,000 football pitches. The investigation highlights the illegal sale of parts of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest on the social media platform Facebook and […]

Jeff Bezos Pledges US$10 Billion For Planet After Tainted Climate Record

3 Mins Read Jeff Bezos, the founder of tech giant Amazon, has announced that he will donate US$10 billion to save the planet – not long after threatening to fire employees for speaking out about Amazon’s responsibility over the climate crisis. The new plans for Bezos Earth Fund also comes after the tech behemoth faced a wave of […]

Amazon Employees Protest Against The Tech Giant’s Climate Inaction

3 Mins Read Despite the multinational tech giant’s corporate rule barring workers from speaking about business, hundreds of Amazon employees have publicly criticised the company’s huge failure to meet its “moral responsibility” in the climate crisis. This comes after multiple high-profile employee walkouts in protest of Amazon’s contracts with large oil and gas firms, which are at the […]