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World First: Animal-Rights Campaigner & Lawyer Debuts Vegan Wig Created From Hemp Instead Of Horsehair

5 Mins Read In a world-first, U.K.-based vegan and animal-loving lawyer Samuel March decided to design his wig out of hemp rather than the traditional wig that uses horsehair. Designed and manufactured by Oxford-based Cultiva Kingdom, a hemp manufacturer that develops sustainable materials for the textile industry, the 100% hemp head covering ‘prototype’ is now proudly being worn […]

China Wildlife Ban: Revised Law Continues Exploitation, Fails To Protect Animals

4 Mins Read On 19 November 2020, China closed the consultation for revision of its wildlife protection law even though the revised articles continue to threatens wildlife by allowing the exploitation of animals for other purposes like fur farming and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Back in February last year, the source of the COVID-19 pandemic was revealed to stem […]

Can Robot Dolphins Make Cruelty-Free Aquariums A Reality?

3 Mins Read Could robot dolphins replace real dolphins in aquariums? Some tech innovators say yes. Having created animatronic dolphins that look nearly identical to their living counterparts, these innovators say that this provides a cruelty-free alternative to keeping cetaceans in captivity, especially in China, where the rapidly growing marine park industry is fuelling the inhumane trade to […]