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The World’s First Animal-Free Whey Protein Powder Is Made From Perfect Day’s Precision Fermentation

3 Mins Read This new whey protein powder is unlike any other currently on the market. It’s completely animal-free, thanks to Perfect Day’s precision fermentation technology. You can now get your hands on real whey protein powder, made without any cows. Mooless is the new environmentally-friendly and ethical protein powder that delivers the same functional and nutritional benefits […]

Israeli Precision Fermentation Startup Imagindairy Is ‘Milking New Technology To Leave Cows Out’

4 Mins Read Imagindairy is the latest to join the animal-free dairy movement, tapping into precision fermentation technology to create “true milk proteins that are indistinguishable from the real thing”. Based out of Tel Aviv, the food tech says through “milking new technology”, it has recreated whey and casein without the cow, and these animal-free proteins can be […]