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‘1000 Trees’: Shanghai Reveals Visionary New Eco-Lifestyle Mall That Mimics A Mountain

3 Mins Read Tian An China Investments has completed construction on a new green mall in Shanghai. The building sits snugly amidst the city’s art district. Called ‘1000 Trees’, it is covered with greenery, cascading over various levels, to resemble a mountain. London-based architects firm Heatherwick Studio was granted the new mall design commission. Previously completed projects include […]

The Truth Behind Hong Kong’s Financial District & Climate Injustice

3 Mins Read New research by the Canadian Centre of Architecture (CCA) has explored the mostly hidden links between Hong Kong’s financial district and global environmental damage. Finding a connection between the physical financial spaces in the city and climate change events, the research group aims to present their findings in a virtual web documentary called Market Landscape. […]