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These 3 Chefs Are Pioneering Vegan-Friendly Cuisine in Siem Reap

5 Mins Read Vegan travel writer & luxury travel specialist Paul Eyers has called Siem Reap home since January 2014. He has personally visited over 130 luxury hotels and resorts throughout Southeast Asia, experiences he chronicles on his Vegan Food Quest blog and as a contributor to A Luxury Travel Blog, a leading online high-end travel publication. Through […]

Green Queen Travels: Where To Eat Vegan Food In Siem Reap

4 Mins Read Siem Reap has to be on the list for your vegan travels. From the temples of Angkor Wat and its surrounding ruins or vibrant local markets, there is so much to see at this Cambodian destination. If you’re wondering whether there is enough plant-based food to match the number of sights you can see in […]