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Hong Kong’s Best Zero Waste, Bulk & Packaging-Free Shops

8 Mins Read These days, practically everything you buy from the grocery store comes packaged in some way, shape or form – be it cardboard, paper, plastic or the dreaded styrofoam. And with scary studies coming out about all the ways plastic can damage the body, we’ve really got to rethink the way we shop for our groceries. It […]

Float Sensory Deprivation Centre Opens In Hong Kong Tried And Tested

6 Mins Read From the aerial yoga craze to cross-fit in the park to every possible kind of boutique studio workout, there are no shortages of places and practices to burn off steam in our crazy city. We are all getting leaner and longer, fitter and stronger- many of us are now familiar with previously niche regimes from […]

Green Queen Recommends: Hong Kong’s Top Indie Beauty Brands

8 Mins Read A version of this post was previously published on Sassy Hong Kong.    Satisfy your inner beauty junkie urges with the finest of the city’s local and handmade beauty products. Below the best in class on all matters beauty & body so you can make the most sustainable choices. Better for the planet, better for you! […]