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How Upcycled Mushrooms Could Help Make Beer Vegan-Friendly

3 Mins Read It’s not common knowledge, but not all beers out there are vegan. Some brands use finings in the brewing process that are derived from animals, making the final product not 100% free from animal byproducts and therefore unsuitable for vegans. But now, researchers are exploring how upcycled mushrooms can help create animal-free fining agents to […]

Green Queen Guide To Hong Kong Brews – The Best Locally Made Craft Beer

7 Mins Read Over the last few years, beer has experienced a renaissance of sorts. Gone is the watered-down overly commercial swill most of us are used to- today’s beers are seasonal, made in micro-breweries by home brew aficionados, with the only the best ingredients sourced from the world over. Craft brewers lovingly blend hops, malted barley, and […]