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Vegan Doctors Debut Online Healthcare Service With Focus On Plant-Based Diets

5 Mins Read Recently, vegan doctors from the UK launched an online lifestyle medicine service based on plant-based nutrition that will offer patients access to nutritionists and registered dietitians along with helping them transition to a sustainable and healthier lifestyle. Vegan medical doctors Shireen Kassam and Laura Freeman recently launched a healthcare service, Plant Based Health Online (PBHO), […]

Green Queen Knows: The Best (FREE) Health, Fitness & Wellness Apps

6 Mins Read The era of biohacking -or is it lifestyle hacking?- is definitively upon us. Our phones, and the data they collect about us, have become an essential tool in our daily routine, especially for us wellness addicts. In our hands we hold the ability to track and monitor our every move (or step or squat or […]