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15 New Alt Protein Startups To Watch

4 Mins Read Animal agriculture contributes to climate change to such an extent that there’s no question alternatives need to be embraced. As the second-largest human-caused contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, the industrial animal protein industry is demanding disruption. Thankfully, motivated founders are rising to the challenge, and new alternative protein startups are launching every day across the […]

Stämm Biotech Secures $17 Million For Desktop Sized Bioreactors

4 Mins Read Buenos Aires-based Stämm Biotech recently closed a $17 million Series A round to scale its 3-D printing bioreactors aimed at the global cultivated meat sector. This brings the startup’s funding to $20 million. The new investment will be used to double the company’s headcount and refine its micro-fluidic bioreactor developments. The smaller bioreactors could reduce […]

108Labs To Launch Cell-Based ‘Whole-Human Infant Formula’ With Antibodies Against Pathogens

3 Mins Read Cellular agriculture biotech 108Labs is developing “whole-human infant formula” that contains the biosimilar secretory antimicrobial antibodies from mother’s milk. The discovery, made during the development of its patent-pending Colostrupedics formula, could provide newborns with protection against gastrointestinal pathogens, putting 108Labs’ cell-based solution at the forefront of disrupting the infant nutrition market.  108Labs, the U.S.-based biotech […]