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OrgHive: New Blockchain-Powered App Launches To Promote Organic Foods In China

4 Mins Read Launched earlier this year by Hong Kong-based digital transformation agency Integrated Management Systems (IMS), OrgHive is a new app designed to help consumers in China make healthier food choices while supporting organic brands targeting the mainland Chinese market. Powered by blockchain technology, the app offers greater transparency and trust to shoppers, who are increasingly conscious […]

Fishing Net of Lies? Why Blockchain Can’t Prevent Food Fraud

2 Mins Read There’s been a lot of hopeful but misguided information about how blockchain is supposed to help with making food supply chains more traceable and eliminate food fraud. This one about a WWF-backed fish blockchain is a good example. Blockchain can solve many of the world’s biggest problems, but food fraud ain’t one. To paraphrase Andreas M. Antonopoulos, […]