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Bread Guide: Where To Find The Best Sourdough In Hong Kong

6 Mins Read Poor ol’ bread. Over the past few years, with the rise of gluten-free living, bread’s reputation has been seriously maligned. And we get it: Wonderbread and its imitations are a crappy excuse for healthy, wholesome grains. But artisanal bakers and their passion for the real staff of life, as well as an obsession with all things […]

Green Queen Foodie: Homegrown Foods’ Harvest Feast 2014

5 Mins Read The angry rain clouds finally parted and the sun came out in full swing this past Saturday, no doubt to shine bright on this most gorgeous of occasions, Homegrown Foods‘ Harvest Feast. What began four years ago as mere 50 person gathering has transformed into a mega foodie event with 500 hungry Hong Kongers showing […]