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Your Favourite Chocolate Bar Is Fuelling Deforestation In Indonesia Despite “Sustainability Facade”

4 Mins Read The manufacturers of global brands such as Oreo cookies and Cadbury’s chocolate bars are among some of the major companies still sourcing palm oil from producers linked to the Indonesian forest fires. According to a brand new Greenpeace report released last week, multinational consumer goods companies such as Mondelez International, Nestlé, Unilever and Procter & […]

Covering Climate Now – Indonesian Fires: At Least 30 Million People Breathing Toxic Haze

3 Mins Read In August, while social media channels were ablaze (!) with anger over the Amazonian rainforest wildfires, we reported on the fires engulfing forests right at our doorstep in Southeast Asia. These fires, predominantly located within the Indonesian rainforest, have continued to rage on and are currently plunging Singapore, Malaysia and the broader Southeast Asian region […]

Self-Care Is Not Optional: Why You Need To Take Time Out For Yourself

5 Mins Read Growing up, my mother was (and still very much is) my queen. I idolized her (and still do). She was beautiful, vivacious and had this “hustle hard” mentality that I adopted early on in life. She hardly went on holidays and was defined by her business. I loved her #bossbitch attitude and wanted to be […]

Green Queen Guide To Hong Kong Meditation Centers

6 Mins Read Life in Hong Kong means being in a constant state of stimulation. Neon lights are flashing for your attention. Collective noise from cabs, mobile phones, and street vendors are forcing your senses to stay alert. Throngs of people crowd the sidewalks, jostling for elbow room. It’s hard to get in a quiet moment over all […]

5 Easy Ways To Be More Mindful In Everyday Life

6 Mins Read Mindfulness, the most scientifically investigated form of meditation, has been the subject of a huge growth of interest in clinical and scientific circles in recent years. Mainly because the studies have largely announced the profound effect on our health. But what is mindfulness and how can you find it? Most of us equate mindfulness with […]

A Beginner’s Guide To Mindfulness: The Questions You Always Wanted To Ask

4 Mins Read What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of taking the opportunity to be aware of the present moment non-judgmentally and with intent while focusing on your breath. If this does not make immediate sense to you, don’t worry. It took us a few tries to fully understand. Basically, mindfulness is when you take time out […]