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Quorn Set On Tackling Obesity, Pandemics & Climate Change Together

3 Mins Read Quorn, the legacy vegetarian and vegan meat substitute brand, says that it will be doubling down on health and sustainability focused initiatives after recognising the interconnectedness between public health and climate change. In a recent conference, the company’s sustainable development manager Tess Kelly revealed that a complete nutritional review will be conducted across Quorn’s product […]

Quorn Debuts Low-Carbon Food Labels To Display Emissions Footprint Of Products

3 Mins Read In a bid to make the environmental impact of the foods we eat more visible to consumers, Quorn, the long-time vegetarian and vegan-friendly meat substitute brand, has just launched new low-carbon food labelling on their products. With this initiative, 30 of Quorn’s most popular products will not only be donning nutritional facts on their outer […]