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Deep Cleaning With A Lighter Environmental Impact? This Startup Says It Is Possible

3 Mins Read Synthetic chemicals in cleaning products are a serious problem. Pennsylvania-based Sudoc, an offshoot of Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, claims it is capable of cleaning up the cleaning industry with new technology that’s safer for humans and the planet. The startup won Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Award for the ‘On The Rise’ category, which […]

How Did a Banned Carcinogen Get Into 27% of Personal Care Products?

3 Mins Read Hundreds of personal care products ranging from sunscreen to hand sanitizers have been recalled after testing positive for the carcinogen benzene. Independent testing lab Valisure says 27 percent of the more than 660 personal care products it tested contained detectable levels of benzene, a chemical classified by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) […]

We’ve Already Made Way Too Much Plastic, New Research Finds

4 Mins Read There’s too much plastic on the planet, says a new study released by the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and urgent action is needed to prevent an ecological disaster, the researchers warn. In the first study of its kind, researchers with the Stockholm Resilience Centre say the amount of plastic and man-made chemicals on the planet now […]

Green Queen Loves: The Greentest Device – Why You Need One In Your Life

5 Mins Read As consumers, we are constantly overwhelmed with information about what is healthy, what is not healthy, what we should eat, what we should avoid eating. The nutrition noise that now permeates all types of media can leave one feeling powerless and confused. Not to mention doctors, trainers and therapists giving us there two cents too!  One of […]