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From 0 to 130M in 16 months: TiNDLE’s Andre Menezes Is Taking On The World’s Most Consumed Meat And So Far, He’s Winning

5 Mins Read Andre Menezes is the co-founder and CEO of Next Gen Foods, maker of vegan chicken TiNDLE, currently served at over 200 restaurants across six international cities. Today, the company announced a record-breaking $100 million Series A, the largest such round in the plant-based meat sector. We spoke to Menezes about why investors love Next Gen, […]

Impossible’s Vegan Chicken Nuggets Now Served in AMC Theatres

3 Mins Read Moviegoers in the U.S. can rejoice that popcorn and sweets are no longer their only options at AMC locations. The chain has launched Impossible Foods’ vegan chicken nuggets entering theatres across 37 states. Recognised for its realistic beefless burgers, the brand released soy-based nuggets last summer. The Impossible nuggets have been available to buy in […]

Beyond Vegan Chicken Is Coming to Every U.S. KFC Location: ‘It’s Time’

3 Mins Read Popular U.S. fried chicken chain KFC is launching vegan chicken in all U.S. locations beginning January 10th, for a limited time. The announcement overlaps with the popular month-long Veganuary campaign. KFC operates nearly 4,000 locations across the U.S. In an extended partnership with Beyond Meat, which produced KFC’s first vegan U.S. offering in 2019, the […]

In the Race to Fix Our Food System, Vegan Chicken Is Poised for Victory

8 Mins Read From nuggets to sandwiches to vegan chicken restaurants, a plant-based chicken revolution is coming, and it could have big implications for our complicated protein industry. Chicken is now a top priority for vegan meat producers. And it all started in the most unlikely, but most fitting, of places: KFC. In 2019, fast-food chicken giant KFC […]

GOOD Meat Raises $97M, Bringing Its Total Funding For Cultivated Meat To $267M

3 Mins Read Food tech company Eat Just’s cultivated meat division GOOD Meat has raised US$97 million in new funding, adding to the $170 million round the company announced in May of this year and bringing GOOD’s overall round to $267 million. The new funds will go towards further research and development for GOOD’s cultivated meat products. New […]

India’s Vegan Meat Startup Blue Tribe Debuts Chicken and Pork Sausages

3 Mins Read Indian plant-based startup Blue Tribe Foods is expanding its portfolio of meat alternatives with a new line of vegan chicken and pork sausages. The new products, set to launch this month via the Mumbai-based firm’s e-commerce site, will be available to consumers in major Indian cities. It comes just months after Blue Tribe debuted its […]

KFC Thailand Is Now Serving ‘Meat Zero’ Vegan Fried Chicken

3 Mins Read KFC has just made another move to expand its plant-based options, this time launching vegan fried chicken in Thailand. Partnering with Meat Zero, the Yum Brands-owned fast food chain will begin rolling out 100% plant-based fried chicken across its Green Stores in the country and possibly extend distribution in the coming months.  KFC Thailand has […]

Quorn Bets On U.S. Vegan Chicken Market With New Dallas R&D Centre

3 Mins Read Quorn, the British legacy meat-free brand, has announced the opening of its new culinary facility in Dallas. The move is part of the firm’s expansion plan into the U.S. market, as its Manila-based parent company Monde Nissin shifts the brand’s focus to compete in the fast-growing North American vegan chicken sector.  Legacy vegetarian and vegan […]

Vegan Chicken Brand VFC: Why We Banned The Term ‘Plant-Based’ In Our Marketing

5 Mins Read VFC, the vegan chicken brand co-founded by Veganuary’s Matthew Glover and chef Adam Lyons, doesn’t ever use the term “plant-based”. This is in stark contrast to the marketing approach of many alt-protein brands across the globe, which have done the opposite and favoured “plant-based” while shunning the word “vegan”. We wanted to know more about […]

Alpha Makes Vegan Nuggets Cheaper As Chicken Prices Spike

4 Mins Read With several plant-based chicken companies popping up in the market and traditional chicken wing prices going up in the U.S., alternative protein company Alpha Foods has decided to slash its chicken nugget prices to increasingly be favoured by consumers. Chicken inflation Last week, the prices of traditional chicken wings increased considerably, soaring from an average […]

Impossible Foods Enters Vegan Chicken Wars With Plant-Based Nuggets

4 Mins Read Impossible Foods is about to launch its plant-based chicken nuggets in the coming months. The news comes on the heels of rival Beyond Meat’s rollout of its new vegan chicken tenders across U.S. restaurants and amid the rising crowd of brands on store shelves selling chicken substitutes.  “Bleeding” plant-based beef maker Impossible Foods is set […]