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10 Traditional Chinese Cuisine Dishes That Are Naturally 100% Vegan

5 Mins Read There is a common misconception that Chinese cuisine is not very vegan-friendly…and the truth is, it can be very heavy on chicken, pork and seafood. While it’s easy enough to swap out animal ingredients from most recipes, there are actually a fair few traditional recipes that are in fact 100% plant-based. So if you’re craving […]

Zhenmeat: China ‘Impossible Foods’ Launches Meat Alternative Products Made From Plant Protein & Fungus

3 Mins Read Zhenmeat, a new Chinese food-tech startup, brings plant-based meat analogs tailored to Chinese cuisines, from dimsum to stuffed peppers to mooncakes. The Beijing-based company launches their plant-protein and fungus based meat alternative on the market today, and hopes to not only target vegans and vegetarians, but meat eaters too.  Dubbed the “Chinese version of Impossible […]