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Cleaner Air In Europe Due To Lockdown Led to 11,000 Fewer Deaths

3 Mins Read A new study has revealed that the improvement in air quality in Europe due to the coronavirus lockdown has prevented 11,000 deaths from air pollution in the continent. The study also found fewer cases of asthma and preterm births, and researchers say that these findings shed light on the possibility of a healthier environment for […]

Air Pollution: Lockdown Improves The View, But Does It Improve The Vision?

6 Mins Read By: Carbon Copy Editorial Team The severe restrictions placed on the movements of people and goods in India and around the world have had a range of fascinating unintended consequences beyond the massive shock to livelihoods and the global economy. The most apparent of these has been the impact on the air quality in major urban […]

DIY Eco Air Fresheners Ideas For Everyone

3 Mins Read Air fresheners have become a household staple over the past few years with over 75% of homes using some form of them. We have become unusually obsessed with the way things smell, and the air freshener industry has greatly profited! Air fresheners come in many different forms, from air and fabric sprays to plug in […]