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Bill Gates Says Bitcoin ‘Not A Great Climate Thing’, But Proponents Believe Crypto Could Drive Renewable Revolution

4 Mins Read Self-described “bitcoin skeptic” Bill Gates has made his views clear on the cryptocurrency, calling it “not a great climate thing”. The billionaire Microsoft founder made his remarks in a recent New York Times interview, and recent data revealing the enormous energy usage of bitcoin mining seems to back that up. But proponents of digital currencies, […]

Donald Trump Wants A Fight On The Green New Deal. So Do We.

5 Mins Read By: Varshini Prakash and John Podesta It’s not just the right thing to do. Climate action is a winning issue for Democrats—and a point of vulnerability for Trump. At the 2019 Republican Retreat, Donald Trump promised his allies that he would make this election about climate change: “I want to bring them way down the pike,” he said, […]

U.S. House Democrats Unveil Sweeping Climate Plan To Reach Zero-Emissions By 2050

4 Mins Read House Democrats in the United States have released a new comprehensive report with an aggressive climate emergency “action plan” to eliminate the country’s emissions by 2050. The 500-page plan spells out specific steps that the federal government under full Democratic control will take across all sections of the economy, with key investments proposed for infrastructure, […]

Seoul: 1 Million Homes & Public Buildings To Be Solar Powered By 2022

3 Mins Read A renewable energy revolution currently underway in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. By 2022, every single public building and 1 million homes in the city will have solar panels. This move is a part of the country’s concerted shift towards green energy, particularly after public pressure began to mount against the country’s coal importing […]

BNP Paribas Analysis Says Demise Of Big Oil Is Coming Within A Decade

4 Mins Read According to a new analysis by BNP Paribas, the big oil industry is “now in relentless and irreversible decline,” mostly thanks to the dip in prices for batteries and renewables, which is driving an electric vehicle – EV – revolution. These findings suggest that oil demand will peak in less than one decade, giving hope […]

Morgan Stanley Report Ending Global Warming Will Cost US $50 Trillion

2 Mins Read A new report from Morgan Stanley finds that curbing global warming and reducing net carbon emissions to zero will require US$50 trillion. More specifically, spending in five key sectors in zero-carbon technology is necessary to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement: renewable energy, electric vehicles, carbon capture, hydrogren and biofuels. This adds to the […]

Gender Equality: We Can’t Solve Climate Change Without Empowering Women

4 Mins Read We are already seeing some of the destructive impacts of climate change, with many of these events hitting the Asia-Pacific region the hardest. As it stands, we are losing the fight against climate change by lagging behind on Paris Agreement carbon reduction targets among many other goals outlined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals […]